Interview with Dance Expert & Judge – ANDY LACEZ MDLULI

Dance is just not a hobby, dance is love. I caught up with the talented Andy Lacez Mdluli to talk all things dance, love and family.


1. If you had to describe yourself using 5 words, what will it be?


2. What does “dance” mean to you?

Dance means freedom and happiness for me. Being able to reach out to people through this art and actually making them happy and appreciate what I do. It’s not just dance to me but it is a big part of who I am, it’s my life. Some people learn to dance but for me it is a God given path that portray who I am… and therefore, I was born for this and that’s why I am passionate about it aswell as teaching it.

3. At what age did you begin dancing and why?

Uhmm… I was dancing from the day I started moving in my mother’s womb. Lol… my father was a dancer with all his cousins but they were into Pantsula/Kwaito. So I obviously inherited that from my father. But when I turned 16 I started taking it to a professional level, where I was competing in major national and international competitions.

4. What genre’s of dance do you specialize in and what if your personal favorite type of dance?

There is quite a list with the dance styles I specialize in.
Ballroom and Latin American dancing
Vienees Waltz
Cha cha cha
Paso double
Also Street dancing KRUMP, HIpHop, Freestyle, local kwaito, Pop n’ Lock and Bollywood. I’m also learning as much new dance styles as I can.

5. What type of community upliftment programmes are you currently involved in?

I am the type of a person who is always on the move travelling but I’m currently part of Big M Productions where we give time to the public during public events and be the entertainment to them. We also host mega event like last year in City Hall and Play House where we hosted 4 events Free to the public. I also have a group of kids in Clermont where I teach them dancing as they have passion for it and also with their school work where they struggling.

6. Talk to me about your family…

Well, I come from a very big family that is, including both my mother and father’s families. But since my father passed away when I was about 12/13years old, that left me with my mother and also with my little brother Brendon. So right now it’s just my brother and I staying under one roof with our mother. But the family tree is big so we go visit now and then.

7. Is there a place for “dance” in South Africa? If so, why?

Yes there is actually!!Because we have all the resources we need but the only problem we are fighting is to be recognized… Companies host big campaigns, they bring in artists from all over the world to market their brands and they pay millions doing that. We want them to take us to market them and their products because what we do the whole world already enjoys and loves. So we want companies to look at us differently and see the power we hold in helping them and vice versa.

8. Talk to me about your role at Chatsworth’s Got Talent.

Like Phoenix What’s Your talent – Chatsworth Got Talent is also one of my yearly favorite activities. My role is to be an adjudicator, give guidance and motivate upcoming youngsters to believe in themselves, polish their talent and give them publicity so that they may get compensated for what they do.

9. What’s your views on the talent we have in South Africa?

Truth be told, we have such world class talent in South Africa in such a way that what we see on TV is not even half of what really is out there. The only thing we need mainly is exposure. How will people know what we have if we are not exposed to the world. Enough exposure would open endless number of doors for the talent in S.A because we have it.

10. Your words of inspiration for the aspiring dancers out there?
The world is a catalog, you just choose where you want to be an how you want to live and pursue your dancelife. It’s different for everybody but we all have one golden goal. So believe in yourself and work on yourself… Keep knocking on those doors and they will open but remember, hard work beats talent. As a dancer you must remember ‘A positive mind has a healthy body’.

1. Your favourite sport?

2. Durban Or Johannesburg?
I am an out-going person who loves fun so Durban

3. Shark Diving Or Bunjee Jumping?
Shark Diving

4. Your Celebrity Crush Is…
Pam Andrews

5. If I Gave You An Elephant, Where Will You Hide It?

Lmao… well… The zoo lol


One Comment Add yours

  1. Andy says:

    I was humbled to be interviewed and share a few of things that most people would love to know me.

    #Highly Appreciated

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