A Tribute To A Solider – Lucalis Bokem Pillay

Lucalis  in happier times

A brother is someone who you are related to, sometimes a role model – Urban Dictionary

My brother was more than a role model or a person who was related to me. Lucalis was my best friend, the person I could fight with everyday if I could help it.

We grew up together, we did everything that brothers will do. I clearly remember whenever my mum bought us ice-cream, he will eat it so slowly so that I finish mines first. We would play wrestling and he will always end up crying (fake tears) and what follows thereafter is a beating from my mum. I always took the wrap or shall I say I’m the big brother after all.

Lucalis was very mischievous and if one knew him they will know clearly how much “nonsense” he used to make. HE NEVER STOPPED LIVING, NEVER STOPPED PRAYING!

From the age of 8 he began his spiritual journey. He dedicated himself to God and the work of God. Till the day he left this Earth, God was on his mind. His faith in God spoke volumes. No matter how hard it was, HE NEVER GAVE UP!!!

For the past 18 years or so, Lucalis lived his life to the fullest. He won the hearts of many people. He touched lives, he inspired and above all he helped. Every moment that passes seems like forever as we wish he will return just one last time…

Memories of you never fades. It just reminds us of how awesome you were. We thank you for being a huge part of our lives. We will treasure every single memory like its our last.

Looking at you in a frame everyday is the worse feeling ever but we know in our hearts you are looking down upon us. “EVERYDAY WE PRAY FOR YOU. TILL THE DAY WE MEET AGAIN, IN OUR HEARTS IS WHERE WE KEEP YOU FRIEND”

Thanks for all the fights, the times where you will say you are my brother you, my unna because you wanted something from me

I’m sorry for letting you down and being mean. For taking you for granted. I want you to know that I LOVE YOU LUCALIS!
Never in my life did I imagine that this day will come bro.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally, for carrying me like a baby when I passed out recently. For everything you’ve done to make our lives a better one…

I make a promise today, to never let you down, to hold our family together, to provide for them and achieve all that I set out to achieve. I promise to live and keep your legacy alive and whenever I say “Bokem” or “Lucalis” I will say it with a very proud feeling. YOU MADE US PROUD BROTHER

So its until we meet again!!!

Posted By Luvalan Pillay


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