Young Stars Shines At This Years Chatsworth’s Got Talent Finale

This years Chatsworth’s Got Talent has being one of the best since its inception in 2010.
6 Years down the line and the talent keeps on pouring in and each and every year the talent reaches a newer level.

By far this years finale must have being one of the most difficult one to judge. Sitting in the audience I was wowed by the increased amount of professional acts that came on stage.

Each contestant brought their “A Game” in terms of creativity and style. We saw acts of all ages that included different genres of singing and dancing.

There were special acts performed by artists and the previous years winners. The Afro Fusion Dance Academy was the highlight, this group run by the Mothie Family knows how to drop to the beat and definitely get the crowd jumping and roaring in excitement. Rajive Mothie (Host of Chatsworth’s Got Talent) has some seriously sick moves and his presenting skills are very admirable.

Many acts stood out but for me Antonette Kistan & Renaisa really brought a whole different level to the competition. Whilst there were some incredible dancing choreography’s and story telling going on that made one feel like they’ve being sitting at a show on broadway.

Here are the Winners In The Singing Category:
Runner Up – Alenka Hart
Winner – Antonette Kistan

Although Antonette couldn’t comment, if you’ve seen her on stage you would know she has come along way. When she entered the stage during the finale one would gave thought that as soon as the instrumental started, she would freak out and run out of stage but she stood there and got braver and braver. Her confidence levels were boosted and the judges made a clear note of the different genre of music that she brought to the competition.

“It was my first competition I’ve ever entered, so I really didn’t expect this kind of achievement on my first try. It came as a surprise to me” said Alenka
She reckons that she will be using the cash prize she has won to book a ticket to visit her family this Christmas.
I would like to encourage those who want to sing, never to let their fear of performing in front of a huge crowd and to be judged prevent you from showing casing your talent. Above all, to just have fun doing what they love instead of focusing on the prize

Winners in the Dance Category:
Runner Up – Resurrected Dance
Winner – Renasia Moodley

What an amazing amount of talent did this two acts showcase at the finale and throughout the competition.
Renasia brought a whole new feel to the competition with over 5 different styles of dance. The judges commanded her on her outstanding presence and mentioned that her talent is on a professional level. While Resurrected Dance Academy was the second last act to go on stage, they wowed the judges and the crowd with their insync movements. One judge mentioned that he would be honoured to work with them after the competition. They thanked Josheldon (Choreographer) for his excellent teachings and encouraged the Academy to push harder.
Resurrected Dance Academy wishes to buy new equipment and give back to their lord and saviour Lord Jesus Christ for his faithfulness.

After suffering a knee injury last year, that didn’t stop the enthusiastic Renasia to give it her all at Chatsworth’s Got Talent as she wanted to prove to the people who disbelieved in her, that all things are possible.
Renasia went on to say and I quote ” After they announced that I had won, I was ecstatic and felt as if I was dreaming”

As Renasia puts her cash prize in and educational trust fund, one can imagine that such planning now only means that her future is going to be bright as ever.
She also aims to enter SA’s Got Talent Next Year, in order to take her passion for dance to the next level.

So Until Next Time Be Sure To Support Local Talent As Chatsworth’s Got Talent Comes Back In 2016.

Resurrected Dance Academy Also walked away with an additional R2000 for winning the community choice award and Antonette Kisten got a further R1000 compliments of PALS Studios.

Do you have words or support and encouragement for our winners? Drop me a comment below.

Posted By Luvalan Pillay


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