Daily Show Has A New Step Dad & He Is Black – Trevor Noah

South Africa stood united as SA Born Comedian, Trevor Noah took a seat as the new host of the Daily Show. Described as a sentimental yet hilarious debut, Trevor Noah seemed to be taking control quiet easily like he’s being doing the Daily Show his whole life.

Noah commended Jon Stewart for his outstanding work done on the Daily Show and mentioned that Jon was the voice of the nation. He went on to tell that and I quote “and it’s weird, because dad has left and now it feels like the family has a new step dad — and he’s black.”

Brought up In the dusty streets of South Africa, there was two things I wished for: 1. That I have an indoor toilet &
2. I become a host on the Daily Show
And here I sit having both, explained Noah.

Trevor Noah has built his reputation since he entered the comedy scene and since then he has proven to be the best nationally and internationally. Although he claims that the American show is being hosted by an immigrant, Noah is no stranger to living the best of the good life up in the states.

With ratings reaching an all new high from 280000-35000 on the premier show (29 September) on popular channel – Comedy Central SA and an all time 21% increase in ratings in America, one can only imagine the amount of records Trevor will be breaking in the days to come.

We Wish our home-boy Trevor Noah all the success in the near future.

Posted By Luvalan Pillay


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