Resurrected Dance Acadamy Adds The Pressure As Semi Finalists At Chatsworth’s Got Talent 2015

Dance is the food of the soul and stepping to the beat isn’t as easy when the calabar of dance is raised higher at this years Chatsworth’s Got Talent.
Hip Hop Dance Crew – Resurrected Dance Academy is proven testimony that anything is possible through hardwork, sacrifice and God as their foundation.

I decided to put on my dance shoes and join them at one of their dance sessions and to my surprise that specific training inspired me to push harder when it comes to achieving merely the impossible.
We going to win Chatsworth’s Got Talent this year because everything we do is amazing. When we go on stage we become a family, completing each others moves, said the enthusiastic Caitlyn after incurring an ankle injury.

“Illusions, transition’s , Robotting” are some of the vocabulary I’ve managed to pick up from their choreographer – Josheldon Govender. Certain dancers are used to create an incredible illusion that I’m sure will wow the crowd and judges at the semi finals. First its done with them practising and remembering the steps before the entire choreographed moves are put to the test of the music.

These children ranging from the age of about 10 – 16 years are remarkable at what they do. Its amazing to see how hard they work and yet at the same time have fun. They are so precise and accurate when it comes to certain moves that I myself wouldn’t grasps that easily.

Dance is what they live for and although they entering a competition they believe it can be anyone’s game but that ain’t stopping them from going the extra mile. Their vision is to reach the finals and win. If one sees how well they working at achieving their current goal it can easily be said that they are winners already in the eyes of God and those that believe in them. Believe it or not they’ve began practising their dance for the finals!

After 3 hours of none stop training, it was time to end the day off with prayer and an important message to carry all members of the academy through the week. Josheldon spoke about “SIN” and that the wages of sin is death. He also mentioned that no good can compare to the great amount of sin.

Support the Resurrected Dance Academy On Saturday (03 October 2015) as they take the stage for the semi finals.

Go out there, give it all you got and enjoy it! If you do, you have won already – Josheldon (Message From Josheldon To His Academy)

To vote for them to contribute to 50% of the community choice cash prize, click on the link below and like their picture.
Resurrected Dance Academy

Posted By Luvalan Pillay


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