Porridge Jol Or Mariamman Thanks Giving Celebration?

Over the couple of years, the way the hindu society perceives how a prayer should be done, has taken a new direction of disrespect and the meaningless behaviour of individuals has been put across as pathetic and arrogant. Sue Raghubir, a devotee to the hindu religion took to the stand to voice her opinions and views on how one “mocks” the mariamman prayer and what is the proper significance of celebrating our Goddess – “Mother Amman” This is what she said:

  • Aadi Masam…the most potent, powerful and Divine month of Mother worship celebrated with extravagance, pomp and glory. Excitement fills the air….because Her children know that Her presence is manifested everywhere.
    But….how sad is it sometimes that although we do the best and prepare the best we eventually lose focus on the aim of this simple yet powerful prayer.
  • We need to understand that the Mariamman thanksgiving prayer is not a family or social gathering to entertain and celebrate “porridge prayer” or “porridge jol”. We don’t pray to the porridge so it’s not a porridge prayer…that is actually an insulting term which has become a mockery.
  • We offer the simplest of food to the Divine as a means of being thankful. She does not ask us for the best of things but the most simplest of items is offered to Her.
  • The “morning prayer” is celebrated with much excitement, everybody feels spiritually uplifted and blessed. The interval between the lunch and afternoon prayer is when some of us DISRESPECT what has been done. We have already invited the Goddess into our homes, we have been blessed, She has already partaken in the offerings but instead of embracing this opportunity and staying with us in our homes She goes away. WHY???
  • Because some of us decide to have a social gathering with alcohol and a pack of cards passing time and engaging in activities that do not uplift us or continue to be in line with the prayer. Families start coming in just before the prayer starts or most at the time of feeding.
  • Unacceptable…..!!!Unfortunately this seems to happen year after year and is being witnessed time after time. People lack understanding and knowledge of what the real essence of this prayer is.
  • We need to realize that Yes we are blessed by doing this prayer but as much as She blesses us She can take away the blessings as well. We must be thankful for what we have then and then only will SHE be able to bless us with much more.
  • We are so prone to conversion that it is not even funny anymore rather our religion and rituals and traditions become a mockery to others because we are too lazy to read, listen, educate and adhere to the truth and our scriptures. We find it so difficult to attend prayer services and heed the teachings and discourses of our Spiritual head.
  • Organizations have become a gathering to look at the newbies in the organization, how they look, their hairstyles, the clothes they wear etc…..Organizations have also got into the habit of comparing themselves with other spiritual organizations.
  • We create our own bitterness, our own animosity, our own jealousy. We need to stop it NOW!!! How can we be united as one Hindu family when there are cultural differences and comparisons amongst us.
  • Mother has a thousand eyes….but she looks at everyone with one eye. If we are embodiments of Her, shouldn’t we radiate the same qualities everywhere we go and to whomsoever we come into contact with.
  • Sue describes the essence and importance of why one should attend such a prayer and roles that we need to play in order to receive the full blessings of the divine mother Amman.
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    1. currychick says:

      Interesting information. Here’s my post on Purtassi Downunder here https://currychick.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/purtassi/

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