Becareful Who You Talk To….Not Everyone Is Your Friend!

How many a times, have you had to deal with trust issues?

  • Life gives you the good and the bad and sometimes we tend to come in contact with more of the bad than the good. Is it because we attract people who are like us or does it simply mean that life’s got you down?
  • Friends can be deceiving and untrustworthy not because of who they are but about what you’ve told them. It is vital that you keep certain things to yourself cause you will never know how your so called “best friend” might let his/her tongue slip.
  • Have you ever got into an argument because your friend “mistakenly” spilled the beans about you? Well, that wasn’t a mistake because if it was told in confidentiality,he/ she would of never opened their mouth in the first place!
  • What about telling the one person you trust the most “Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend” , your deepest darkest secrets, thinking that you going to spend the rest of your life with this person? REALITY CHECK – Today no relationship is for certain and therefore never tell your secrets to no one, keep it to yourself cause sooner or later your boyfriend/girlfriend is going to blackmail you with the same information you thought would be safer with him/her.
  • Honestly, I’ve done it, Yes I’ve blackmailed my Ex with information that was for her ears only, yes yes, I’m not proud of it and I wouldn’t ever do it again cause that ain’t the type of control I want to be. So don’t share important information with anyone, not even the one you love the most, because GOSSIP is far more juicier than keeping a “lame” secret!
  • Never be taken up by the world, focus on yourself, your goals, your life and your future. Speak less and listen more because not everyone is your friend, some are there just to listen and create gossip…
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