Is Your Daughter Safe In A Taxi?

Is Your Daughter Safe In A Taxi? The dating scene and best ways to attract the opposite gender finds a different path when it comes to conductors and drivers of our famous mini bus taxi’s here in the heart of Chatsworth. Just like how a lion preys and waits for its next meal, so does these sick men do when a female jumps into the taxi.

  • Yes not all taxi drivers and conductors are like that but most of them do! Taking a taxi just to reach your destinations for most girls, becomes a whole new adventure…I’ve recently got into the taxi where the conductor thought that the only guy in the world was him and only him, pity he kept on cleaning his eyes cause it might of just fallen off!
  • I wonder if they (Conductors/Drivers) plan how they will seduce the next pretty women that enters their taxi. On a separate occasion, the driver was so mesmerised by the young girl sitting in the passenger seat that when he stopped the van, he put his leg over and decided to tickle her leg!

  • The other day this conductor captured his eyes on this beautiful girl that when she jumped in he couldn’t take his eyes of her. When he gave her her change he smiled in so much excitement that the poor girl looked at him in shock. Are guys these days so desperate? Are young women just to vulnerable that charm takes over so easily?
  • Its not entirely the guys fault isn’t it? Its also the wrong doings of the women or some women shall I say.

  • How to parents know if their daughters are safe? Do boyfriends worry about how their partners are being hawked by the hideous pick-up lines of the drivers and conductors of the taxi?
  • It all boils down to: how you carry yourself out in public & men finally learning the big rule, Respect Women!


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