There’s No Giving Up For Vibrant Xhosa Speaking #Top11 Contestant – Caley Van Der Kolk.

After been eliminated this past Friday from the #PresenterSearchOn3, #Top11 Contestant Caley Van Der Kolk didn’t take it as a huge train smash but rather she used this as motivation to keep on achieving. I managed to ask her a few questions about her life, the competition and her carrer.

  • What has been your fondest childhood memory?
  • I have a few.
    Arriving in the big city (East London), seeing the street lights and exclaiming “ma, look at all the stars” – I grew up in a Xhosa village- I wasn’t familiar with street lights.
    Covering myself in black mud and putting plaits in my hair, all in lieu of looking like my Xhosa friends.
    Riding a motorbike for the first time – I was 9 and my dad put me on the bike in the forest near Willowvale, it was a thrilling experience. I did crash into a tree, but that is also okay. I have very fond memories of fishing in the local dams and riding my small motorbike around the area.

  • Describe your family to me.
  • Dad: Most loving, open minded human I know. He is incredibly well respected by the chiefs and local community in the village where he resides.
    He has a wonderful way with people – he can get along with any human on the planet and he treats everyone with equal respect.
    He is also fluent in Xhosa.
    Mom: Smart, strong, kind and driven. She is a rock for us all.
    Brother: Kind, humble, gentle human.
    Granparents: the most open-minded humans I have ever met (not just because they are my family). Grandpa got on a boat in Netherlands (post World War II), didn’t know where he was going, but ended up in South Africa. He has never gone back.
    They have travelled the world and have friends of all ages. My gran joined Twitter to see what people were saying about my performance on Presenter Search on 3. That sums her up.

  • Speak to me about your first travel experience in South Africa.
  • My first travel experience in S.A. was to Kruger Park. I was absolutely fascinated that wild animals used to roam free in Africa at some point, but I remember feeling a deep sense of sadness that this was no longer the case.
    I love nature and being outdoors this was my first taste of wild Africa. I love it.

  • At what age did you first learn Xhosa and what was the first fluent sentence you can remember saying?
  • I was fluent in Xhosa at the age of 3.
    First sentence was “Hamba Paddy” – I was telling my dog to go away.
    My next was “outside” -> so my first word was actually Xhosa and not English.

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  • Connect With Caley On Twitter @calzvdk & on Instagram – caleyvdk
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