Young Lad Starts Campaign – #GiveToInspire

On 01 May 2015,Siboniso Sizolwakhe Mnikathi will reach “manhood” when he turns 21. For many who turn this age, partying, clubbing & alcohol is the days function but for “Sizoh”, reaching 21 simply means reaching maturity. So he has decided to Give Back To His Community, Only With A Small Help From You!

  • Take me back to your childhood. What has being your most memorable moment?
  • My mother is a Xhosa from place called Lusikisiki in Eastern Cape and my father is a Zulu from place called Amahlongwa in KZN. I was in povert that I can say ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m not yet out of it but I hope and I’m working hard to take my family and I out of poverty. My mother came to Durban from Eastern Cape for poverty reasons, she did not finish school and at the age of 17 she had to leave to Durban for work. My father did not finish school as well due to financial problems. My mom gave birth to me at the age of 18 and my father was 25. I grow up at Amahlongwa, we had nothing my mother was working in tuckshops and my father at the garage. There was a time where they had nothing and had to move me and my brother to Eastern Cape. I spent two years of my childhood an my mothers village. I started school at Amahlongwa and finished high school there. I did not have shoes to wear at school in grade 1 I used to walk barefoot no matter how cold it was. I managed to study under those circumstances and finish Grade 12 without repeating any grades. I was a bright boy, and i was involved in many things like playing soccer, community organizations, debates at school and I was well known by doing Poetry.

  • What are you currently studying?
  • I’m currently a 3rd Year Law an the University of KwaZulu Natal. I’m studying using Financial Aid.

  • Why did you choose to study Law?
  • I’m doing Law because i need money lol hahah just kidding. From where I grew up I used to see people being convicted for crimes they did not commit but the fact that they were unable to afford lawyers, they end up in jail. Then i felt like maybe i can make a difference if I study Law.

  • Talk to me about your hardship you’ve being through since being a child.
  • I’m young but I have been through a lot together with my family. Everytime I think of the things I have been through I feel like crying. I was one of those who were just taken as nothing in the community because of the situation that we faced at home. I once left school for three months im Grade 6 where I was ill, I thank God that im still alive today. In 2006 everybody lost hope on me I even thought it was the end of my life. On my first year in the University my mom got sick and it was so serious in such a way that I couldn’t focus on my studies that resulted to bad academic performance that year. That still hurt me everytime I look at my Academic Record. There are so many incidents but I THANK GOD that i’m still growing :).

  • What is #GiveToInspire?
  • Wow Give To Inspire! I’m so excited about that campaign. It actually a campaign that started a month ago. On the 1st of May I’m turning 21 ๐Ÿ™‚ and I just thought since I’m an adult now, how about I start to think and act like one? :). Then I decided to start this campaign. In this campaign I collect Old but Usable clothes from people and I will be giving those clothes to the people who are in need in my community. I know how it feels to have nothing & I’m always touched when someone is going through the situation i once faced.

  • What is your inspiration behind #GiveToInspire?
  • I can say my Inspiration behind the campaign is actually MY LIFE. As I’ve mentioned above, all the things I have been through!I do not wish to see any other human being under the situation I was once in.

  • How can people get involved with this campaign?
  • People can get involved in this campaign by giving old “Usable” or unused clothes. It will also be highly appreciated if someone can come with me on the distribution day, which is “1st May 2015” where i will be giving all the clothes to different families that are in need in my community of Amahlongwa.

  • What’s your biggest goal for this campaign?
  • My biggest goal for this compaign is to see people smiling and seeing them feel welcomed in the community because I never felt that when i was growing. I wish i could have financial support one day where I would be buying clothes and food for them maybe once a month, that is my long term goal.

  • What’s your words of wisdom to the youth out there?
  • To the youth out there. we must always know that life is not only about us, but other people as well. We must learn to share with those who do not have, and most importantly WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS.

  • Who is your role model and why?
  • Wow, I have so many role models in my life. Basically anyone who is doing good for another, is my role model. We can count them from the political view, our freedom fighters, my teachers who were always good to me from grade 1. Myย  biggest role model is my father and my mother. No matter how hard the situation was they never gave up on thier family and they always wanted what is good for their family. My parents are the first who thought me to give and help other people who needs help. They thought me that no matter the small things you have, it can be used to change somebodyelse’s life. You do not need to be a millioner to make a change in your community only if you have a positive mind anything & everything is possible. I Love My Family!

  • In order to donate your old usable clothes or simply give a donation, simply contact Sizoh: 0843212010 or you can leave a reply below with your contact details & we will get back to you. #GiveToInspire
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