Ryan Naicker’s Love For Radio And Presenting.

Ryan Naicker is a well-known name on Radio Station Lotus Fm but it takes many years of experience to reach the top. I caught up with Ryan and his humor speaks for itself.

  • Playing cricket with his cousins in Chatsworth and visiting his uncle in Robben Island in which was the same time Former & Late President Nelson Mandela was serving, has to be Ryan’s fondest memories when growing up.
  • To Ryan, Family is his number 1 priority. He has 3 sisters and his parents reside in Port Elizabeth. He says that he comes from a close knit family and although he’s been the one who has drifted away, he always went home so to speak. Im so thankful for everything my family has put up with me. I have put them though a lot and I just want to make them proud, in everything I do.Ryan is a father to two beautiful daughters: Yuraiya & Maliyah who is his heartbeat and soul. He mentions that if he is taking about family there is one person he cannot exclude and that is his Girlfriend Kerisha. Kerisha is literally the reason I walk and breathe. Dramatic yes, but true to the T! She has opened my eyes to a world I have never seen before and im hopelessly in love with her.
  • His Love for Radio started 10 years ago when he was hired to do the afternoon drive at BayFm, a community radio station in PE. I will never forget the nerves that ran through my body the first time that red light went on. Weirdly, those nerves never leave you. Every morning still, as that light goes on, the butterflies are still present.
  • Is there anything else besides being a presenter that Ryan would love to become?Well in a perfect world, id like to be business owner, something big and successful. I am still young, so maybe that’s still on the cards. In Media, id love to be a programme and station manger one day.
  • Ryan is a Brand Ambassador for Numark SA in which they provide him with headphones etc and he promotes their brand via social networking sites.
  • Driven by Ryan is a blog that he hosts and is dedicated to the love of cars. I love cars. It’s a boys dream to drive the baddest beauts on the block and through my travels, ive been lucky enough to make some contacts and review the odd car.
  • Recently Ryan was the judge at both the Durban and Johannesburg Nation Wide Auditions for Presenter Search On 3, this is what he had to say about his experience: To get the call to participate was a dream come true. I worked with some really good people, a lot of them friends now because of the Morning Rush’s participation on Expresso. The talent was good, it made me wish I was that talented younger in my life. Its scary to see 18 year olds hold links and deliver like that. I might be out of a job soon lol.

    Both weekends were highlights, getting to work in an environment of pure professionalism was really refreshing.

  • Any Upcoming plans for Ryan?Hahaha ag im not that guy, you can just check me out on twitter, most of my gigs and activities are normally very well documented there. Other than that, Monday to Friday, 7 to 10 am…..
  • His Advise for aspiring presenters: Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Don’t be afraid to work, it will never kill you. Also, make yourself indispensable, make yourself number 1.

    And SMILE!


  • Green is Ryan Favourite Colour.
  • One thing that no one knows about you? hahaha now what would be the point of telling you that.
  • “Don’t Put Of Things That You Can Do Today Till Tomorrow”, is a Quote that Ryan lives by.
  • Your best pick-up line is? LOL – Ya that’s not a thing
  • There’s one thing that Ryan cannot live without & that’s COFFEE, which his Girlfriend makes mean cuppa.
  • Catch All The Action That Ryan Is Getting Up To By Following Him On Twitter: @RyanNaicker
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