From Zero To HERO – Kumaran Mr-K Naidu.

It may have started as a dream but to Kumaran Naidu, passion, dedication, commitment and perseverance made this dream a reality.

  • Known as ‘Mr.K’, a name given to him by his adoring fans, he was born and brought up in the town of Chatsworth. Mr.K came from a background where his father Daya Naidu owned two Cinema’s in Chatsworth, and the very first video store FILM STAR MOVIES. By the age of 7 he had already learned to speak Tamil and Hindi because of screenings that his dad did back in the day.
  • After completing matric at Protea Secondary School in 1990, he went on to studying architecture. After two years Kumaran realized that being an architect wasn’t his cup of tea and decided to focus on Banking.
  • At school Mr.K admits that he did not enjoy writing compositions. Reading wasn’t something he enjoyed either, however all that changed when he read a few pages of the book “The Science Of Self Realization”, a book given to him by an ISKCON devotee. Mr.K was hooked on the content and purchased an 18 book set, 12 volume from the devotee called Srimad Bhagavatam. After reading this spiritual epic, he found that his writing skills had developed to an extra-ordinary degree.
  • His passion of making movies wasn’t an easy road. His initial plans was to shoot a TV series which he wanted to air on the Eastern Mosaic time slot, but due to Eastern Mosaic being a magazine show, it was rejected. That didn’t stop Mr.K as he went on to turning that story of his series “Livin A Crazy Life” into his first local blockbuster, BROKEN PROMISES.
  • The rest is history. Mr.K went on to release his first movie “Broken Promises” in 2005 and became an overnight success. A sequel was demanded and Mr.K didn’t disappoint. He went on to produce and direct Broken Promises 2 & 3, the first trilogy ever in South Africa and many other releases there upon, such as Run For Your Life 1&2, The House knows and most recently The Curse of Highway Sheila.
  • The Curse of Highway Sheila took audiences by storm. It showed in Cinema’s for more than 7 weeks, and proved that Kumaran Mr-K Naidu is a force to be reckoned with. Future plans or maybe a sequel to his latest release one may ask…For now Mr.K states that the sequel to The Curse of Highway Sheila, is something he will look at in the future. For now his fans can look forward to an action comedy, RUN RUN RUN.
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  • Watch this teaser of Kumaran Naidu’s Soon To Be Released Movie RUN!RUN!RUN! & be entertained!
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