Taking Resurrected To A Higher Level- Josheldon Govender

Resurrected- The Revoultion Of Dance!

Resurrected- The Revoultion Of Dance!

For some being in your “twenties” might simply mean Fun, Fun,Fun…But for Josheldon Govender that “Fun” means giving back to the community by investing time in his God given talent.

  • This local lad stated that looking back at his past, he knew he would make it far but not this far. So taken back to his childhood what was Josheldon’s dream career? “Many things actually A Firefighter, Doctor, Actor and even a soccer player, Dancing wasn’t even a thought.”
  • Last year he completed his studies and it wasn’t an easy road. “University was some of the best years of my life, but it was also some of the toughest

    In my first year I didn’t do very well and had to discontinue my degree after first semester

    However the next year was my come back year I selected a new degree and was determined to work hard and get through it. It did still have a lot of challenges but in the end I got through and finally completed my Degree in Information Technology in June 2013.”

  • Apart from being an IT Geek, Josheldon is a Professional Dance Instructor and Owner of his Dance Academy Resurrected but where did this passion for dance arrive? “I always kind off liked break dancing from the time I was little but never got into it.

    I Started Dancing in 2010 with a few friends at church where we formed Resurrected, from there my passion grew.”

  • RESURRECTED is now a growing Dance Academy Catering For All Ages. When did Resurrected start? “Well Resurrected Dance crew began in 2010 and my friends and I always spoke about when we make it big one day that we will open up a dance academy to teach students. Toward end of 2011 I realized why wait till we are big why not start now and start training students so that in a few years they will become amazing dancers.”
  • What types of dance does Resurrected specialize in? “Our core focus is hip hop choreography, we do however mix it up with a lot of other styles such as tutting, Break dancing, Popping and locking and more…”
  • For 3 Years in a row the Resurrected Dance Crew has entered one of Chatsworth’s biggest talent shows – Chatsworth’s Got Talent and for 3 years in a row they have made it to the finals. Unfortunately Josheldon did share that his crew would not be entering again next year as they aim to do bigger things. He also went on to mention that although the Resurrected Dance Crew wouldn’t be entering again but the Resurrected Dance Academy will yet again enter next year and hopefully they will scoop the 1st prize.
  • Last year Resurrected Dance Crew entered South Africa’s Biggest Talent Show SA’s Got Talent will they do it again next year?“SA’s got talent was a great experience. We did not make it to the JHB auditions though, in fact the only reason we did enter it was to enjoy the experience and atmosphere of meeting and networking with many other talented individuals.

    We do plan on entering it again next year and aim to hopefully make it to the JHB Tv auditions.”

  • This Festive Season Resurrected is planning on yet another FLASHMOB! As much as Josheldon cannot reveal any information about when and where the flashmob will be because that will simply give the surprise away. He did mention that if anyone wants to be apart of the Christmas Flashmob, they should contact him!
  • In terms of “giving back”,what projects or events has Resurrected been involved with? “We’ve performed at various youth concerts to help empower the youth and kids of the community as well as fund raising events to raise awareness for various causes.We’ve also done a dance workshop at the anti-drug forum programme.”
  • Remember if you want to be apart of the Resurrected Dance Crew or the Resurrected Dance Academy You can contact Josheldon on: Cell:0743465320
    BBM: 29A0A846
    Email:josheldon11@rocketmail.com or Across Social Networking Platforms: Resurrected Dance Crews Facebook Page or on Twitter:@ResurrectedDC Or @Josheldon11
  • This information above also applies if you want to get in contact with Josheldon if you want to be apart of the “Christmas FlashMob”
  • Check out Resurrected’s First Ever Flashmob by clicking on this link NOW! FlashMob Easter 2014

    Dont hesitate be apart of this incredible Dance Group - Resurrected!

    Dont hesitate be apart of this incredible Dance Group – Resurrected!

    Done By Luvalan Pillay


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