Kgomotso Christopher Best Known As Nox on 4play&Currently Playing Devious Katlego Sibeko On isidingo

Kgomotso Christopher Best Known As Nox on 4play&Currently Playing Devious Katlego Sibeko On isidingo

Kgomotso Christopher is known for her acting roles in 4play:Sex Tips For Girls and currently Kgomotso plays the role of Katlego Sibeko on SABC 3’s Hit Soapie – Isidingo. Kgomotso Christopher graduated with her Degree in Arts at the University of Cape Town in 2000 and upon Graduating she received the Jules Kramer Award For Fine Arts. After Receiving this Scholarship she continued with her Postgraduate Course at Colombia University of New York. I caught up with the beautiful and talented “KG” and this is what went down.

  • Kgomotso has two beautiful children ages 5 and 7 and is currently celebrating 10 Years of blissful marriage to her Husband Calvin Christopher.
  • Who was Kgomotso on Etv’s 4play:Sex Tips For Girls? “I played the role of Nox Vukani, one of the four leading characters of the show. Nox was central to the HIV/Aids narrative of the series,  set up to break up the stereotypes and perceptions society has about which people can or can’t, do or don’t contract the illness. She was therefore set up as the perfect, wealthy and loving housewife who ultimately finds out that she is HIV positive.”
  • After the end of Nox Vukani, in 2011 Kgomotso decided to join the cast of isidingo as “Katlego Sibeko”…Describe Katlego in 5 Words: Calculating, intelligent, passionate, risk-taker, sexy
  • Katelgo is known for her stunning scenes, where she executes her lines to the “T”. How does Kgomotso prepare fore her scenes? “Read scripts, research further depending on type of storylines, discuss any concerns I have on the writing side and story arc side. Learn lines.”
  • Katlego faced many hardships such as: unable to bare a child, infidelity, abuse and loss of her surrogate child but one thing that’s kept her going was “Calvin Xavier”. Well how much does Katlego love Calvin one may ask? “I don’t think Kat actually realises how deeply she loves and adores Calvin. But viewers do believe Calvin is the love of her life”
  • “Katlego can be anything at any given instance. It’s always about a means to an end for her. If it requires her to kill, she will consider the option just like if she has to be sweet to get what she wants.” said Kgomotso as viewers saw the extent in which she went to save her inheritance after she lost her husband “Jefferson Sibeko” earlier this year.
  • Viewers bared witness to isidingo’s most shocking wedding of the year when Katlego Sibeko & Lincoln Sibeko decided to tie the knot. Is this a Marriage of love or what is it? “It’s quite a simple business transaction to secure the Sibeko dynasty. A marriage of convenience.”
  • What are your views on Abortions? “I am definitely pro – choice and I think we are fortunate to live in a country that legally supports this notion.”
  • Words of advice to aspiring actors/actresses…Do it because there is nothing else in the world you would rather do than perform. If you know there is something else out there…do that instead. The acting industry is tough generally and specifically in SA. Your training and education doesn’t guarantee that you will work. Salaries are extremely low and we are an unregulated industry which means exploitation is rife. You have to do it for the love of the craft.
  • Kgomotso has a Special Message to all her Fans…Thanks for the viewership and keeping the stories we tell and their impact alive through the topics and conversations on social networks. We so appreciate the love as a show and as a cast.
  • A Little More About Kgomotso

  • She prefers sandals over sneakers.
  • She reckons that she has a lot of role models but usually she is “Self- Role Modeled”
  • Black always does the trick for her compared to grey.
  • Dolphins are definitely her pick over Sharks.
  • Kgomotso Prefers South Africa rather than America.
  • Want to get in touch with the Beautiful “KG”, Follow her on Twitter: @kgchristopher.
  • Done By Luvalan Pillay

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