October- Breast Cancer Awarness Month

Get Tested Today!

Get Tested Today!

October is a month filled with Pink as people around South Africa become more aware of Breast Cancer.

  • Breast Cancer in women is reportedly the highest forms of cancer found in women. Breast cancer is the development of cancer from breast tissue. Signs of breast cancer may include a lump in the breast, a change in breast shape, dimpling of the skin, fluid coming from the nipple, or a red scaly patch of skin.
  • The primary risk factors for breast cancer are female sex and older age. Other potential risk factors include: genetics, lack of childbearing or lack of breastfeeding, higher levels of certain hormones, certain dietary patterns, and obesity. Recent studies have indicated that exposure to light pollution is a risk factor for the development of breast cancer. Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer can also be caused through high smoking rates and it can be passed on through Genetics, meaning if someone in your family had/has breast cancer there can be a possibility of you contracting the cancer.
  • Most types of breast cancer are easy to diagnose by microscopic analysis of a sample—or biopsy—of the affected area of the breast. There are, however, rarer types of breast cancer that require specialized lab exams.

    The two most commonly used screening methods, physical examination of the breasts by a healthcare provider and mammography, can offer an approximate likelihood that a lump is cancer, and may also detect some other lesions, such as a simple cyst. When these examinations are inconclusive, a healthcare provider can remove a sample of the fluid in the lump for microscopic analysis (a procedure known as fine needle aspiration, or fine needle aspiration and cytology—FNAC) to help establish the diagnosis. The needle aspiration may be performed in a healthcare provider’s office or clinic using local anaesthetic if required.[clarification needed] A finding of clear fluid makes the lump highly unlikely to be cancerous, but bloody fluid may be sent off for inspection under a microscope for cancerous cells. Together, physical examination of the breasts, mammography, and FNAC can be used to diagnose breast cancer with a good degree of accuracy. Breast Cancer Classification

  • Remember to get tested, Don’t be afraid. Prevention is better than Cure. Check for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Let your doctor check you up if something is detected. Also Note that Breast cancer isn’t only found in women, but recently being detected in Men.
  • All Information provided above was taken from Wikipedia- Breast Cancer

    Done By Luvalan Pillay


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