Walking Down Memory Lane With IZAK DAVEL

Izak Davel Who Plays Bradley Heins On Isidingo

Izak Davel Who Plays Bradley Heins On Isidingo

He plays the role of “Bradley Heins” on SABC3’s Hit Soapie Isidingo. Izak Davel isn’t only an actor but also an Afrikaans Singer. I spoke to Izak as I took him down memory lane with his career and his life as a whole.

  • What you might not know is that Izak is a professional dancer and upon matriculation, he decided to study dance. “I was Born an Artist and that’s how it is” said Izak. He said that he was also involved in arts since he can remember and dancing was the obvious thing to do.Izak specializes in Ballet, Contemporary and a lit bit of Hip Hop.
  • “Scub” was a dancing goth with teenage issues who was played by Izak on Egoli and I asked him, What was the most exciting scene you’ve ever done?” The most exciting and scary scene was my first scene at Egoli. It was my first appearance on TV and my nerves were wrecked.
  • After Egoli ended in 2010 there was no stopping for Izak as he appeared on the 3rd Season of SurvivorSA When asked how many days did he last on the island and if he would do survivor again, “I lasted 23 days to my own surprise. Yes I would do it again but if you had asked me the same question last year I would have said NO.”
  • We went on to speak about his Afrikaans Album that he released in 2008 Ken Jy My, Well where did his passion for singing arise?“I’ve been singing since I was little. My Mom made sure all 3 of her boys took music lessons of some sort.”
  • One Storyline on Isidingo that caused social uproar was that of the Bradley Heins Case which was closely related to that of the Oscar Trial. When asked what was the most difficult part of playing those scenes, Izak went on to tell,“The fact that I have no idea how it feels when you’ve killed someone so it was difficult to associate with those kind of feeling.”
  • Recently viewers have scene that Bradley cheated on is Girlfriend Charlie Holmes with Palesa. I asked him what are his views on men that cheat on their girlfriend, he said that in his living and thinking cheating does not exist. “ I strongly believe it is a choice and not a mistake.”. Will Charlie and Brad get back together? “That is a brilliant question. Keep watching!!!!!!!!!!”
  • On 3Talk With Noeleen a few weeks back, Arno Marais who plays Benjemin Leroux on Isidingo mentioned that there will be a juicy storyline coming up that involves Ben, Brad, Calvin and Charlie. So I had to ask Izak himself about that storyline and this is what he had to say, “It gets really interesting.”
  • For some time now Bradley’s Uncle, Barker Heins as being finding ways to get Brad to join forces with him, Will Bradley eventually work for his uncle? “ It is in the back of his mind. The temptation is there to go work for his uncle.”
  • Something that Izak holds dear to his heart is his family. “Dad, Dewald, who is a minister in the Dutch Reformed church and busy with his Doctoral. Mom, Irma, music teacher and also busy with her Doctoral. Philip, middle brother 28, teaches ballet at Lady Grey Arts Academy and my youngest brother, Hattingh 25, busy with his masters in music at Pukke. Were a very close and tight family.”
  • What’s Izak’s Message To Aspiring Actors and Singers?” Make sure it’s a passion and not because you want to become famous.”
  • And here’s a message to All his FANS…”Be yourself and don’t give in to the earthly things.”

  • Izak’s Favourite Song Is Mr Bojangles
  • He Prefers Shorts over Jeans.
  • Red is Izak’s Favourite Colour.
  • Mr Davel will love to do Bunjee jumping rather than Shark Diving.
  • One Word That Describes Izak is: PEACEFUL
  • To Connect With Izak Davel Himself, Follow Izak on Twitter: @Izak_Davel and On Facebook: http://t.co/4bOkoi9XqL
  • Done By Luvalan Pillay


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