Avashnee Vandiar – A Women Of Many Talents

Avashnee Vandiar Presenter And Content Producer On ANN7.

Avashnee Vandiar Presenter And Content Producer On ANN7.

Avashnee Vandiar is a women that has her mind focused on what she wants to achieve in this world and nothing will stop her from do so.

  • Avashnee mentioned that when reflecting into her childhood years she always dreamt of doing broadcasting or something in the performing arts field.”I wanted to do and be everything and was one of those kids who truly believed the world was her oyster and anything I wanted was achievable.” She said although to an extent that can be true but one needs to set realistic goals. ” I believe I have done that and am working towards achieveing it.”
  • Avashnee went on to tell that although you learn and evolve from each and every job, Lotusfm thought her about people, she also learnt about trust and honesty. “Most importantly I became aware of my capabilities, my creative diversity and now understand that no matter how much people try to bring you down or stagnate your growth”. “no one can stop a star from shining” so I will not apologise for being who I am.
  • A year ago Avashnee decided to leave Lotusfm and brunch of into something that tested all her abilities. When asked about what she’s up to at ANN7 she said”I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be on Lotusfm and a part of the brand but in my journey to grow within the broadcast industry, moving to ANN7 was a decision I had to make. At ANN7 within my 1 year at the channel I began as a Producer and Presenter for the daily entertainment show…it did extremely well and I was asked to also Anchor the show live 5 days a week along with the other Anchor. I was then asked to be the Entertainment Reporter/Producer for the Channel (as a result I covered all the big entertainment/lifestyle events; local and international interviews etc.) I was then asked to also be the Executive Producer of the entertainment show and manage the team. However within 2 months of this role (which was in addition to my Entertainment reporting role), I was approached by Chantal Rutter Dros to anchor the Entertainment segment on Prime News which is the flagship show of the Channel. Whilst doing this, my inserts would also air on Vuka Afrika Weekend (the weekend breakfast show). I needed to choose as it was impossible to do all the tasks so I chose to have my segment on Prime News and continue with the Entertainment reporting (my inserts air every hour and on the entertainment show and the weekend breakfast show). In addition to this, I was approached by Management to Present on the East N Style Show. 

    As a result I have been exposed to amazing people, have experienced great events and have indulged in exclusive interviews with iconic people.

  • Apart from presenting and producing shows, Avashnee Vandiar is an outstanding dancer and when asked about when this passion of dancing arise and what she’s classical trained at, she went on to tell “My love for dance began from the tender age of 4. My mother always said, ever since you were little you loved dancing and was never shy to dance infront of people. My parents decided to send me to dance class and my first introduction to dance began when I started learning Bharata Natyam. I went on to join a Modern dance school and learnt a combination of dance styles (classical, folk and contemporary). I entered contests and won many local and national competitions. People began hiring me to perform at shows/weddings/concerts. For 3 years during the Eastern Bridal fair I danced and trained under the Shiamak Davar Dance Institute and after winning the Miss Asisa SA pageant, I started teaching at Childrens Orphanage and held my own dance classes for my community. All this was achieved by the age of 20. 

    My passion and love for dance made me want to learn more. My performances were recognised and I went on to choreograph dances for the Lyric theatre (Bollywood Live at the lyric) and various productions for which I was also the model/dancer on the poster. I was also a principal dancer and on teh poster for Shivani Kara’s production , “Dance with me Baby”. I choreographed and danced at the Treasures of India festival at Monte casino and for the Miss India SA pageants as well.

  • From presenting, producing, dancing to now being an actress, Avashnee is sure to be a women of many talents. She acted in a movie that was released at the Durban Film Festival and CineCinema’s a few years ago, she will also be the lead actress in to up coming movies but currently Avashnee plays the role of a reporter who is a “Goody two shoes”, single and not easy going in the movieThe Curse Of Highway Sheila that’s to be released in CineCinema’s near you on the 14th of November 2014.She states that the movie is a MUST WATCH! “The story follows the findings and myths and uncovers the truth eventually. Trust me, it is not predictable, there is a great talented cast and if you have heard of these myths, you will want to watch this…If you haven’t, you need to watch it!”
  • Where to from here for the beautiful Miss Vandiar? “I am working on a new project where I will be involved in the concept and scripting as well (needless to say it’s a movie) but really  beginning stages at this point so if all goes according to plan, shooting will commence next year) 

    I am excited about my Online Channel which will also launch soon and which I am working on with Big City Life Tube Productions. 

    I am also an ambassador for a few brands and there is another big project which I am busy with but let’s just say it will introduce me as a budding entrepreneur so big things next year.  

    There are some shows and events that I will be performing at and MC’ing in November and December – updates will be on my social media platforms.

  • What’s an interview without asking Avashnee about her incredible family? “I come from a family of 5 in total with 2 gorgeous puppies. My parents have instilled great values in me and sometimes seem too good to be true. They taught me to love, be passionate, work hard, never compromise my values and integrity to achieve and their consistent support has given me the strength to overcome obstacles and believe in myself. Their constructive criticism and honesty has helped me grow. 

    We are a close knit family and love simple things like braais, chilling by the beach, bonding over wine. 

    I have 2 lovely younger brothers who are protective and supportive but who also drive me crazy at times. 

    My family is just my love, my priority, my everything.”


  • Avashnee’s favourite curry to prepare is Chicken and Prawns Curry.
  • Her favourite songs are Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson and Teri ore by Shreya Ghoshal and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.
  • Her Role Model is her mum and she went on to say “You can only truly admire and aspire to be like someone if you really know their behind the scenes not just their “highlights package” and I honestly dont know a kinder, more loving, hard working and talented person than my mum. Not only is she intelligent, she is nurturing and ambitious and always makes people around her feel loved and important irrespective of what she is going through. She may not be “famous” but to me she is the epitome of what a good person is and impacts everyone around her by default.  I aspire to be that….a good person who  makes a genuine positive impact in this world despite all the challenges and negativity faced.”
  • Avashnee lives by two quotes: “The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow these hardships to dictate her and who she becomes.” 

    – C. Joybell C

    And… “Who was she and what did she do? She was herself and she did it all”

  • The Accessory she can’t live without and with no doubt she said “My Smile… Ask Anyone! :)”

  • In a nutshell
  • Avashnee’s movie releases in theatres on the 14th of November. 

    Avashnee starrs as the leading lady in a music video called, “Shining Star” by Kinetic featuring O_SoT which will soon be released. 

    Avashnee can be seen covering entertainment/lifestyle news and events on ANN7 and on Prime News

    Avashnee also presents an entertainment/lifestyle show on ANN7 called East N’ Style which airs on Fridays at 16:30 with repeats on Saturday and Sundays at 14:30

    To find out more about Avashnee and to keep up to date with all her work and upcoming projects, follow her on social media or check out her site – http://www.avashneevandiar.com

    Instagram –  Avashnee Vandiar
    Facebook Page – Avashnee Vandiar
    Twitter – @avashneevandiar

    Done By Luvalan Pillay


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