Tech Blogger – Lawrence Jugmohan

Lawrence Jugmohan makes soudwaves in Blogging as his “Tech Blog” Scoops Two National Awards.

Whilst some 21 Year Olds would be clubbing, messing around with girls or just barely sitting around waiting for something, things are abit different for Lawrence Jugmohan.

  • He recently Graduated with his Bsc Degree in Information Technology and when asked why “Technology”? He did mention that from as early as primary school days, he had a passion for science and more specifically science dealing with computers. “As Technology kept developing, I tried to keep up to date as much as possible to increase my knowledgebase behind the theories and develop my own little hacks through research”
  • Lawrence is the Creator of an Online Tech Blog named “Digital Street SA” which has recently won National Awards in the past two years since “Digital Street” was created on the 21st of July 2012. I asked him what was the emotions behind him scooping the runner up awards in the past two years and he put it in simple terms:“It’s an awesome feeling to hold up such a prestigious title but it doesn’t end there. The ambition will never fade. The goals just get bigger from here on. Educating and Inspiring others in and out of the field you are in has more value to me than the title itself” He Also mentioned that the main aim of his blog is to create a knowledge base for the readers and also educate the youth about Science and Technology, He went on to state that he hopes that the “Digital Street SA” trophy cabinet will get a few more additions to it at the end of this year.
  • Lawrence also went on to tell that his blog is user friendly with mobile optimization and would allow any person with any mobile, obviously with internet connections to access his blog from in and around the world. When asked about the special features on his blog, “There’s a lot of additions from within the back-end to what the readers actually see”
  • Are you a writer for the “Phoenix Sun” newspaper? “Not actually. My articles get featured now and then on Phoenix, Verulam & Tongaat Sun as well as Chatsworth & Merebank Rising Sun. That just helps in increasing coverage.”
  • One of Lawrence’s other special talents is dancing, so when the question popped up as to what forms of dancing he specializes in he had very little to say and decided to be more or less secretive.“Hahaha! I can’t really answer this one but all I can say is that I’m not leaving the KSDI Family… Ever!  A Big thanks should go to Shiksha Mam & The Entire KSDI Family – That is where all the credit needs to go!”
  • His upcoming plans includes a music video that may include KSDI (Dance School) And Digital Street. He is also involved in 4 Charity Organizations, Namely: Santa Cause For Paws, Reach For A Dream Foundation,Casual Day and the ECR Toy Story campaign.
  • Being such a Young Lad who has already achieved so much and so more much to come, I had to ask him where he draws his inspiration from. “To be honest, it’s Rowan Atkinson. He Teaches you that happiness in the world is what really matters. The other person I really look up to is Steven Gerrard – He has shown the world the value of Loyalty and the importance of values. Money can’t buy passion!”
  • I could not have ended this interview without asking such an inspirational person, his advice for the younger generation of South African and he couldn’t have said it better: “ Always do what you love. Keep your head in the game even when times get tough. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough to achieve something. Stay focused. Stay committed. Stay dedicated and always remember God first”

  • Lawrence’s Favourite Curry is Mutton Curry.
  • He reckons the best part of living in Durban is that its the second largest Indian population from india.
  • His Celebrity Crush is none other than Katrina Kaif
  • He adores the colour Neon Green
  • Best Pick Up Line? I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.
  • Remember To Follow Lawrence On Twitter: @DGTLSTR and On Facebook: Lawrence Indiawaale Jugmohan.
  • Also not forgetting, to get to know everything that’s happening in the World of Technology, Follow his Blog on: , Twitter: @DigitalStreetZA Or On Facebook: Digital Street SA. You can also see his latest solo dance at a diwali festival where he was described as “Shahid Kapoor” Follow this link:
  • Done By Luvalan Pillay


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