Beauty With A Greener Cause – Aishwarya Bedessy

Creating awareness about living a “Greener” lifestyle is what 19 Year Old Aishwarya Bedessy lives for. Recently she was KZN’s Regional Finalist For Miss Earth SA and this pageant gave her the ultimatum of not only living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle but to also share this special kind of love to the people around her! I managed to sit down and draw a great amount of inspiration from her, take a look.

  • Take me back to your high school days, what did you dream of becoming?
  • Wow, I was probably the most confused child! It started off with me becoming a ballerina, veterinarian, a presenter, an actress, a doctor,a spy, a police woman, a model ,a scientist ( I got that one right )  and a few other occupations that aren’t really worth mentioning!

  • When did your love for the environment, nature as a whole start growing inside you?
  • I always loved animals . Since childhood. And always preferred being outdoors rather than watching the telly. I enjoyed the outdoors because, to me there was always an adventure  that had to be done. I was and still am fortunate enough to have grown up with a big backyard and there was always a furry friend (my dog) that was right beside me. I climbed trees , ran barefoot and fell ( I have the scars to prove it!). But, all of this was part of my amazing childhood . I spent so much of time outdoors that it just felt right being there.

  • What are you currently studying?
  • A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management specializing in the Chemistry stream.

  • Regional Finalist For Miss Earth SA, that’s a big accomplishment, speak to me about this pageant and the message behind it.
  •  Well, it wasn’t so much a beauty pageant as it was an empowerment programme. Yes, there was the tiara and sash at the end of it but it had a deeper meaning and a deeper message to share. The idea was to empower the finalists so that we could go out and empower others, schools, communities etc . And make a true tangible difference.

  • What Lessons did you learn from taking part in Miss Earth SA?
  • Wow, so many. As a family we’ve always had some charity drive up our sleeve so, I’ve grown up amongst that. I recognised the same message with miss earth.  It wasn’t just about helping our environment and tackling every environmental issue we are faced with but also helping our fellow beings. I was 18 when I began that specific journey and I’ve grown so much in a space of a few months.  The are so many things that are bigger than you and you need help to turn these problems around. I learnt that you should aim to make a difference no matter how big or small, irrespective of your age and influence others to do the same. Stop worrying about the small stuff. We have this beautiful Earth and we are blessed with the most beautiful , precious all that you can to protect our planet and it’s inhabitants.

  • I believe that after this pageant, you decided on making a “Greener” change and you opened up a NPO,Talk to me about this incredible organization.
  • It is currently still in the pipelines but yeah!. An organisation called Seeds for Life. The main purpose will be to target homes, schools and communities that are in need of food. So what this organisation does is sponsor vegetable gardens which will be a form of sustenance to these people. I hope to decrease to rate of food insecurity through this. There are schools who give learners a meal a day and this is sometimes the only meal these kids receive. The veges from these gardens can also be sold off and money gained will go to these communities. Hopefully, this will take off completely by the end of 2014.

  • Apart from Miss Earth SA, You was also a face of Signature Cosmetics, How different was this pageant from the one you did?
  • With Signature Cosmetics,the main purpose was to find a face for the brand itself. This brand is amazing and does wonders. It is affordable and looks great on any skin! I would love to see Signature get into more CSI initiatives  and that is something I will try to encourage.

  • Being a young lass and yet you come out as such an inspirational person, what inspires you everyday to push harder?
  •  I think it’s just the way I am. I am so afraid of mediocrity and that is something I would never want. I have so many goals and dreams and I know in order for them to become a reality I need to work extra hard at it.  You need to be an all rounder and have a bit of fun as well. But the biggest thing and probably most important is to leave a legacy . You asked me what drives me. The strongest driving force is that majority of our country lives in poverty. But here I am. A person who has  grown up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Only because I was fortunate enough for this to happen to me. How can I sit back in “luxury” when my own people suffer. That is my driving force. People who deserve the best, kids who should have grown up the way I did but were neglected or abandoned. Do it for them. Do it for your people and do it selflessly.

  • What other projects are you going to be involved in this year?
  • I am going to tackle Miss Mamelodi Sundowns. I am so excited about this. It combines my love  for Soccer and helping others ( their CSI Initiatives are amazing!). To be a part of that family really will be a dream come true.

  • What advice do you have for South Africa and the World as a whole in terms of living a greener and more sustainable life?
  • As cliché as this sounds. .. plant a tree!A single tree absorbs a ton of CO2 in its lifetime. Encourage car pooling. Try and practice Reducing, Re using and Re cycling I find that this is extremely effective. Replace your light bulbs at home with Compact Fluorescent bulbs. They are more environmentally friendly…

  • For the young women like you out there, What advice do you have for them in order to pursue and achieve their dreams?
  • Nothing comes to you just by hoping. You have to work extremely hard. Your education is the only thing that cannot be taken away from you . I cannot stress on this more.  Get your degree first and then pursue other things or continue with your education during your pursuits.Beauty fades with age and at the end of the day people will remember you for the good you do and not for how you look. There are thousands of people that want the same thing as you. What makes you different is the amount of work you out into your “wants”.In order to work hard you need to have a passion for the things you want to achieve because that will be your main driving force. 

  • You Can Follow Aishwarya Bedessy On FaceBook: Aishwarya Bedessy and be apart of her amazing journey.On Behalf of all of us, Everything of the best for your next pageant and for your NPO!
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    12 Comments Add yours

    1. Nadia Shaik says:

      #So proud its really awe insipring to see that at such a young age Aishwarya is making such a difference to the world.
      Wish you all the luck in the world
      Keep on kicking some green ass!!

      1. Aishwarya says:

        My bestfriend:) thank you for the kind words.♡

    2. Yashkar says:

      Super amazing lala, keep it up 🙂 very proud of you

      1. Aishwarya says:

        Thank you cousin!

    3. vanessa naidoo says:

      Talk about setting an excellent example.A wonderful combination of beauty,brains and humility.Goodluck with your future endeavours.

    4. sashna says:

      Aish you are an amazing young lady. Wish more girls your age could be like you. All the best for the future my beautiful friend 🙂 ooh ohh & remember to ‘keep it clean & keep it green’ 😛

    5. Jeanine Naidu says:

      Beautiful! Inside and out aish!:)

      I especially loved the part where you said that anything but education can be taken away from you! Couldn’t be more spot on.

      The message in your answers reminded me of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi : “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

      I hope that you continue to lose yourself and find yourself as much as you already are!

      So proud ❤

    6. Tymera Peter says:

      Aishwarya you are truly an inspiration to everyone. May God continue to guide, strengthen and protect you throughout your future endeavors. #ThankYou #Goodluck and #GodBless

    7. Karen says:

      So proud of you Aishwarya . You really are inspiration to many . Keep it up . Goodluck .

    8. Mukaram Sarek says:

      From the time I know Aishwariya( primary school), she has been a person willing to take an initiative to do things at the best of her abilities. The activities and great work she’s doing right now makes me really proud and happy; I’m glad there’s still people like you around. Keep up with the fabulous work your doing, goodluck in your future work to be successful and also in helping the community. :)take care

    9. Mukaram Sarek says:

      lol oh and btw,she and I were prom partners in primary school. Ahem just so yourll know 😛

    10. krishka ramraj says:

      Welldone aishu(lala) dad would of been and is soo proud of you! Keep up the excellent work. The love for animals that we have will go a looong way. God bless you hunny bunny.

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