“IgniSion” To Take Local Audience By Storm

Human Trafficking is something you might not get to hear and see about everyday but its happening every second of the day. With mainly girls been held captive and are used to sell their bodies etc. I managed to sit down with Director, Scriptwriter And Actor, Avinash Dwarikapersadh of an upcoming Local Movie that is set to raise the bar of awareness on Human Trafficking.

  • What was your childhood dream?
  • From the Age of 5 I’ve been watching Hindi movies and had the passion to be an actor lol, and my mum wanted me to be a doctor I told her I wanted to be a actor and dancer.

  • Apart from acting, producing, directing and scriptwriting, what are your hobbies?
  • My hobbies are my kids Rohan and Aadi, they keep me well occupied.

  • One Actor you would like working with?
  • I would love to work with Hollywood, Ballywood stars but I believe we have our own stars in Durban just wanting to get a chance to show their potential.

  • Favourite Movie of all time?
  • I really enjoyed a hindi movie called “Bhagam Bhag”, watched it over 20 times and still get to laugh watching it over and over again.

  • Who do you draw inspiration from?
  • Well Mr kumaran naidu is my inspiration he was the one that gave me chance to act and like a kid would say “when I grow up I want to be like him”, so that’s when I decided to make IGniSion something different from our local movie we see.

  • What can viewers expect from your upcoming production “IgniSion”?
  • Action, action and more action, throw some comedy in it and some drama,that should keep all the viewers in the edge of their seat for the whole movie. I promise IgniSion is not a movie to be taken for granted you will get your money’s worth.

  • How did you cast for the movie to ensure its well balanced?
  • Most of my cast members have been waiting for over two years just to act in my movie .Once I told them what the movies about that was it .I still have roles for extras in the movie .

  • What is the major storyline in your movie?
  • The movie is based on Human Trafficking and it’s a topic ,that our whole world is bleeding over. I wish to show the viewers what happens in a life off an innocent girl that has been taken against her will and forced to do things.

  • What is your advice for aspiring film markers?
  • I am still growing in the movie industry so I can’t call myself a film maker as yet maybe once this awesome movie is done will I regard myself as a film make. But who ever is making movies I wish you luck. May your dreams be for fulfilled don’t let anyone bring you down if you fall wake up and walk again,that’s how we learn.

  • Avinash is looking for Sponsors to sponsor his movie in terms on cash so that the movie is produced to the tee. If you willing to generously Sponsor the Movie Please Contact Avinash On- Cell: 0722184645 Or BBM: 26360800.
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