Previously On #Isidingo: 22-26 September 2014

If you missed all the action on Isidingo lastweek, no need to stress. Michelle and I put together a summary of what happened so that you didn’t miss any action.

  • The Katlego/Calvin Affair
    Including Lincoln, Nikiwe, Frank, Zukisa and Sizwe.

    Sizwe and Zukisa discussed Lincoln’s offer, Zukisa did not want to accept and decided she did not want to face Lincoln again. Unfortunately, for her, after waiting for Zukisa at the apartment Lincoln confronted her and Sizwe at their shack and threatened them with a gun. Lincoln wanted her to tell him where Katlego is and who her lover is. Not getting answers he got ready to shoot seconds before Nikiwe and Calvin burst through the door to stop him. Nikiwe managed to convince the Zondiles not to press charges against her father. The Zondiles eventually agreed but decided that they were done covering for Katlego and decided that they were going to tell Lincoln the truth about the affair.
    This left Calvin in an awkward position and although he at first tried to convince them otherwise, he eventually decided to tell Lincoln himself and on Friday he did just that. Not only did he tell Lincoln, Calvin let Lincoln record him confirming the affair and warned him that he would not let Lincoln hurt Katlego and Lincoln would have to go through him first. This did not seem to deter Lincoln, so don’t miss Isidingo next week to find out what he does not that he has the information. Katlego’s reaction to learning that Calvin had spilled the beans to Lincoln was exactly as expected and proved that for her power and money comes before love. Calvin suggested to Katlego that they should leave the Deep and told her that he had R20 000 in his bank account that they could survive on.

    Frank and Nikiwe
    Lincoln still does not approve of Frank and Nikiwe’s relationship and told Frank just that.
    After an intense board meeting called by Nikiwe and Barker in which Lincoln called for Nikiwe to be installed as the new CEO and Nikiwe put a motion forward to get a vote of no confidence in Lincoln as chairman, Lincoln disowned Nikiwe saying she was no daughter of his. By Friday, we see that Nikiwe has seemingly moved in with Frank permanently. Lincoln also figured out that Frank had known all along about the affair and that Nikiwe knew as well, although Frank denied it saying he had hid it from Nikiwe as well
    prompting Lincoln to once again warn Nikiwe off Frank.
    How will Barker react when he finds about what Calvin did?
    Will Calvin and Katlego’s relationship survive?
    Will Frank and Lincoln’s friendship survive the Sibeko/Xavier drama?

  • BRADLEY, CHARLIE, BENJAMIN & PALESA/ LERATO, HAMILTON & SECHABA. What went on ,on #Isidingo this past week… We started off this week were we saw Mbali chatting to lerato and she told her that she shouldn’t mix business with pleasure and that Hamilton isn’t the guy for her. Hamilton has a chit chat with Lerato about the game of golf that he had and she apologizes for not taking the next step in their relationship and she wants to take things slow, she also mentioned that Sechaba has a special place in her heart but she is sure that she wants to be with Hamilton. Hamilton offered Lerato to stay with him but she refused. We also saw the beginining of the Bradley Heins interview where he was thrown directly into the deep end, when asked if he is gulity of killing his dad he mentioned he doesn’t feel guilty but Burdened! Frank pulled out facts that suggested that Brad in his childhood was Violent to his father, he didn’t deny it because he said he reacted in this aggressive way because his dad was abusive towards his mum. Moving Along on Tuesday We found out that Frank never stops until he gets something by saying that Brad would have had motive to kill his dad. Brad Also asked if Frank sent him the interview Questions. Social media started to buzz afther the interview. Charlie Overheard Brad speaking to Palesa over the phone.Brad and Palesa chat and she tell him that #SecondChanceForBrad is trending all over the world. Palesa tells him she had a great and crazy time and that she’s going to go away for a while and she just wants to be friends that’s all. Braker congratulates Brad because he is “Trending”. Barker mentions that he would have stepped in if he knew what his dad was doing to his mum and also Brad tells him he knows how he operates and he knows he sent him the interview questions.Brad visites Charlie and she tells him that she was the one that sent him the interview questions.She also mentions that Brad doesn’t know how to be faithful and that she Never wants to see Him again! Hamilton tells Lerato that she has become so mature and intelligent and she hands him over certified copies of her personal information. Hamilton used that information so that all expenses will be debited from her account. Hamilton is having a Jolly Good Time and orders, orders orders, Feeding of Lerato’s Money. Midweek we found out that Yvette visted Charlie and told her about his room and the perfume. Charlie blames herself for what happened between her and Brad.Yvette reassures that Brad Loves her and all the pain will pass. Yvette reflects on her relationship with Eddie. Charlie is seen having a bad day at work. She tells Ben that she and Brad Broke up because of Palesa. Ben offers her to come out for supper later on and offered a shoulder to cry on he then gives Brad a call to meet a journalist at the Duncan at 4pm. When they get to the Duncan Brad soon finds out that it was one of Ben’s plan to cause tension between him and Charlie.Charlie and Ben carry on their supper and she pours her heart out to Ben. Sechaba arrives back on the deep and tells Calvin about his stay in Ghana and he will be throwing a party at his house nextweek to celebrate his 32nd Birthday and when asked about Smooth boy Hamilton, Calvin suggests that he Speaks to Skhumbuzo. Sechaba confrronts Skhumbuzo about Hamilton and Skhu tells him that he can’t choose his friends for him. Later on in the week…Eddie and Yvette are caught chatting about Brad and their daughter Charie and they reflect on their relationship and the connection it has with Charlie’s and Brads. Charlie sees Brad at the Duncan and he tells her to hear him out and he wants to see her again just to talk, she then goes to ask him if he slept with Palesa and to her surprise she finds out he did.Eddie vists Charlie and tells her that he is sorry about what happened between her and Brad and he isn’t happy because she were happy. He also tells her that she is a beautiful person inside out and she will get over it.Brad is seen drinking and leaves Charlie a Voicemail but Charlie isn’t interested and deletes it. Papa G tells Sechaba that he had loaned Learto 75 Grands and Sechabe becomes worried thinking that hamilton is behind it all. All worried Sechaba tells Skhu about it but also says he doesn’t want to get involved. Sechaba sees Lerato and things don’t go well because Lerato suggests that he should be happy for her and Sechaba finds out that Hamilton and Her are the end of the week Mbali asks Sechaba why he isn’t fighting for Lerato and she doenst think Hamilton is the guy for lerato and She is thinking of moving in with Hamilton.Mbali meets with charlie and tells her about Sechaba’s Party that’s Gonna happen. Skhu asks Lerato about the loan she took from Papa G, Lerato states that it has nothing to do with him or anyone else. Skhu tells her about Papa G and the Gangster her can be. Brad goes to Charlie’s work place and she tells him she can not handle this and she tells Brad that you can’t sleep with someone by mistake and Ben intervene’s Almost pushing Brad over the edge. Brad confronts Frank about the postives from the interview and Frank assures him he still thinks that Brad killed his father. “How did it feel like pulling the trigger”?- Frank “I felt that whoever is coming through the door, is dead”-Brad. Brad also mentions that he feels remourse all the time. Eddie sees Brad and Brad tells him that it was a mistake and that he still loves Charlie and he isn’t proud of what he did. Eddie tells Yvette that Brad seems certain about his feelings for Charlie. He also tells Yvette that it also reminded him about when he met her.
  • Will Charlie Feel Any Pity For Brad Or Is Her Mind Set on Not Getting Him Back? Will Lerato Listen To Sechaba? Who Will Be Invited To Sechaba’s Birthday?

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