Inspirationalweek- Exclusive Interview With Ashish Gangapersad

From Isidingo to making it through to the Semi-Finals of Strictly Come Dancing, Actor Ashish Gangapersad is not stopping there. I managed to catch up with him and this is what went down.

  • How did you get into acting?
  • From as long as I can remember I wanted to be an actor. As I grew older the reason for wanting to become one matured with me. From wanting to be a superhero as a kid and playing James Bond through teenage years when I felt like the world was on my shoulders and wanted to be someone else and finally becoming an adult and wanting to entertain people and create worlds and characters that I have only dreamt of. While working a full time job and studying for my I.T qualification I took up acting classes with a private tutor by the name of James Parker. A retired acting coach. For 3 years I balanced all of that sacrificing a lot in hopes of becoming an actor. In 2009 I took the plunge, resigned from my job and moved up to JHB to pursue an acting career. The rest as they say, is history.

  • What did you learn from your experience on Strictly Come Dancing?
  • Besides how to dance, I learnt what limits are. And how to go beyond them. I learnt what’s it’s like to face harsh negativity but still go on.

  • What are your plans for the future?
  • I’m Currently producing a legal drama series entitled f.LAW.ed and working on a film called Un/Born Different for next year.

  • Where do you draw your inspiration from?
  • Friends, family but most of all the people. For without them, I am nothing. Being an artist means you are a servant of the people. It’s your duty to never be boring.

  • Talk to me about your family…
  • I Love my wife to death. She is the most amazing person. She has been with me and experienced this journey from before the start. She’s the rock that grounds me. Parents and sister are extremely supportive as well. They always back me up a also believe in me in all that I do. I know I can always turn to either one of them for advice.

  • What can people expect for your upcoming production “f.LAW.ed”?
  • We’re aiming for it to be a series like never before. A show to rival that of the American series’ that flood our screens. We’re going to go for a Hollywood style and look but still keep it rooted in South Africa. Our goal is to raise the bar of entertainment in this country and create a show that has international appeal.

  • Any words of advice for aspiring actors?
  • Its a very difficult industry, but not impossible. It requires hard work and dedication so make sure you get in it for the right reasons. Never give up, no matter what the odds. Work hard and push through be because this country needs more artists.

  • Any Messages For Your Fans?
  • Thank you all for the incredible support. Not just for Strictly Come Dancing, but in all that I do. I hope to entertain you for many years to come and I hope to have your continued support. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!.

    One Word Answers..

  • Favourite Colour?
  • Blue

  • One actor You Would love To Work With?
  • Denzel Washington

  • Favourite movie of all times?
  • Way too many to mention.

  • Greatest Fear?
  • Failure.

  • You Can Follow Ashish On Twitter: @TheAshGang And On Facebook: Ashish Gangapersad.
  • We want to wish you Everything of the best for your Future Endeavors Ashish, God Bless And Thank You For Sharing Your Success Story With Us All.
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