Inspirationalweek- Factors That Negatively Affect The Youth Of South Africa.

I took to the streets to find out what people think of factors that has a negative impact on teenagers of South Africa, These factors include Drugs, Alcohol,Rape,Suicide, Teenage Pregnancy And Abortions. What Are Your views On The Level Of Drug Abuse In Our Community?

  • Yolan: I Think Its Just Bad.
  • Yaseen: We have reached an exorbitant height across all parts of our beautiful country and is it one of the vices that have caused deterioration to the moral fabric of our society
  • What Are Your Views On Alcohol Abuse In our country?

  • Nicole: I think alcohol abuse is a raising concern amongst our youngsters.They refuse to believe that they are alcoholic’s and assume that they know their limits.
  • Rivoningo: It’s a huge problem that EVERY single South African should stand up against.
  • Kyle: I honestly feel that it is a bad thing and that not only will it ruin a persons life, it can also ruin the persons home and family.
  • In Your Opinion What Are Your Views About Suicide Amongst Teenagers?

  • Adrian: I would think teenage suicide is hectic because teenagers are pre-adults and they don’t fully understand life but “we” think we do. If you look at a way teenagers answer a question, like when you ask them if they sick, its never just sick it’s always very sick. They take everything to the extreme and some suicides are for immature reasons and others are for real reasons because they feel like they have no way of getting out of the touch spot they in.
  • Crystalene: It arises from so many issues, besides the fact that it stems from the emotions of affected individuals, I think people who are in contact play a vital responsibility in being able to identify symptoms of depression and feelings of suicide. It’s really sad when you hear that teenagers want to reach out to someone but people all around are not aware enough. It’s also the teenager that needs to realize that their emotions will change a few years down the line, no matter what the situation.
  • Aneesa: Suicide is very common nowadays amongst teenagers and I think the reason for that is the pressure they face from parents to do well, boyfriends/girlfriends to be intimate,friends to do all the do, called “cool stuff”….sometimes we don’t realize that by pressurising someone we emotionally hurt them and sometime so bad that they commit suicide.
  • What are your thoughts about Rape in our Country?

  • Caroline: I Believe that there are too many cases of Rape because the punishment for the Rapist are not Harsh Enough!
  • Ashveer: Rape is a crime. If someone forces themselves on another its wrong.
  • Alicia: The rate of Rape in our country as increased drastically. The fear of getting rape are instill in people, there’s no form of legal help to make rapist’s afraid and to stop raping. I think more legislation’s should be put in place for monsters like these no matter what age they are they should be sent to prison and the law shouldn’t be lenient with them if they are capable of doing such horrific things, then they should face the consequences. We seriously need change in SA especially with the crime rate so High.
  • What Are Your Views On Abortions?

  • Tyrelle: Hell No! I’m Sooo Against It!
  • Courtney: Abortion should not be used at all. It is a sin because it is the murder of an innocent child.Life is a gift, and with abortion, you are wasting the precious thing that was given to you. Abortions Shouldn’t Be legal!
  • Annie: I’m against it. Why take a life of a innocent child. Only God has the right to take away a life not humans!
  • Your Thoughts on Teenage Pregnancy?

  • Michelle: Complicated. I think that it is not a great thing, it puts teens in a very bad position but I do not condemn it.
  • Suzanne: Well teenage pregnancy would be avoided if parents spend more time communicating with their teenage kids and educating them about it…
  • Well some of us might laugh about these situations and not take them seriously. This is what happens on a daily basis in our Country, let alone In Our OWN COMMUNITIES! Take Action and let’s prevent any of these situations from happening! Remember Prevention is always better than Cure!!!

  • You Can Voice Your Opinion On These Topics, Simply Drop Me a Comment Below and Let’s Start A Conversation!
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