Inspirationalweek- Exclusive Interview With Sashna Chetty

She doesn’t only have the Beauty but she has the Brains Too. I managed to catch up with 21 Year Old Sashna Chetty and chat with her about a few things. After beating the odd’s and topping 100’s of hopefuls, Sashna became “Deen Tv’s” Newest Presenter and Content Producer.

  • 1. At what age did you realize that Presenting is the field you wanted to go in?
  • Since grade four I’ve had a flare for news reading, then it changed and I wanted to be a lawyer. Presenting has always been a dream though, but it has also been one of the dreams I thought I wasn’t capable of accomplishing.

  • 2. What made you enter the Deen Tv Presenter Search 2014?
  • My mum inspired me to do it. I still had my doubts about being able to pull it off but she motivated me. I did it to make her proud. Seeing her happy makes me happy…

  • 3. After your audition, what emotions filled your body when the judges gave their comments?
  • I was thrilled. It was an amazing feeling. I was also filled with fear of what was coming next but at this point the doubts I had about myself were gone so I felt a lot lighter. The experience has really lifted my confidence.

  • 4. Are you studying in the field of Drama and Performing Arts?If not ,why?
  • I’m currently not studying in the field of Drama & performing arts. Right now, I don’t think I can commit due to my work load and time. Many people think that having a degree means you have made it in life, NOT TRUE! Studying is important but if you get an opportunity that involves natural talent, do not let it pass.

  • 5. After the long wait and handing over your treatment to Deen Tv and finally been chosen as one of the newest presenters/producer of a new show, how did you feel?
  • I wasn’t expecting it. I remember being sad about not getting that call to say I’ve made it & just that second my phone started to ring. I jumped and screamed and almost cried. It was a feeling I would never forget.

  • 6.Throughout this journey, who’s has been your motivator and inspiration?
  • Firstly, my mum. She always saw what I failed to see in myself. She has been my inspiration & motivation. Like I said, seeing her happy makes me happy. Apart from this, my friends have been there for me, always picking me up when I felt like I cannot do it and of course Luvalan Pillay himself was there every moment in this journey. So I take this opportunity to thank him as well for lifting my spirit continuously. THANK YOU LUVALAN!!!

  • 7.Talk to me about the new show you presenting and producing?
  • The show I’m doing is called The fifth element. It is an environmental talk show & we aim to educate our viewers about our environmental condition & also the impact mankind is having on our planet. Viewers can expect to see loads of eco-tourism,eco-friendly businesses & also our young green heroes. I won’t say anything else, I think I will be ruining it if I gave away all the details so be sure to tune in when it goes on air which is soon. I’m not the producer of this show, however I am the content producer. If you want to make an eco-friendly change then the fifth element is a show for you…

  • 8.What Advice do you have for people out there who are aspiring presenters?
  • DON’T GIVE UP!It gets hard but embrace it. Be yourself & use the opportunity to make a difference. Media is a great platform to make an effective change. Don’t let critics get you down, rather allow them to boost you and make you better at what you do.
    A Little More About “Superstar” Sashna Chetty

  • 1. Favourite Colour?
  • Pink

  • 2. Who is your Role Model?
  • My mum

  • 3.Favourite Movie?
  • The twilight saga ( still my fav )

  • 4.Jeans Or Skirt?
  • PJ’s

  • 5.Greatest Fear?
  • Being incompetent

  • Drop me comment below about this interview and don’t forget to Catch Sashna Chetty on Deen Tv Channel 355 (StarSat) and On Channel 152 On Openview HD (OVHD) Starting in October #FifthElement .
  • You Can Also Follow Her On Twitter: @___SashnaChetty and on Facebook: Sashna Chetty.
  • Catch A Glimpse Of What You Can Expect In Her Upcoming Show “The Fifth Element, Below.
  • What To Expect From The Fifth Element Show

    What To Expect From The Fifth Element Show

    ICC Durban Sustainable Living Exhibition

    ICC Durban Sustainable Living Exhibition

    “The Fifthe Element”

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    9 Comments Add yours

    1. Poomy says:

      Wow u killed it girl, i am so proud of you hun. Sashna is the best, nice and friendly person i have ever known. Keep up the good work girl

      1. sashna says:

        Thank you poomy πŸ™‚ touched my heart as usual πŸ™‚ you’re the best

    2. Saint says:

      sash angel ur the best…im not just saying this but im saying it coz i know u Sash,Deen TV will always be the best with u Miss Chetty!

    3. ash says:

      Great interview!

      But knowing sashna chetty throughout high school ,theres alot more to her personality than just being environmentally aware .

      She did us proud and really looking forward to her upcoming show !!! πŸ™‚

      1. sashna says:

        Thank you ash πŸ™‚ it means a lot my friend! Love u lots :*

    4. Klarissa chetty says:

      So proud of you Sash!😊
      Cannot wait to watch the show ,I know it’s going to be amazing !
      And All the best sister!
      Lots of love🌸

      1. sashna says:

        Thank you klare, love you lots doll πŸ™‚

    5. prem says:

      You have always been charming gal..happy go lucky doll.. caring and hope u reach those heights u haven’t dreamt of n someday I land up to take ur autograph.. loads of love πŸ™‚

      1. sashna says:

        Thank you πŸ™‚ stay there, I’ll come there for the autograph πŸ˜€

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