Interview between 29 Year old Ricardo and Luvalan.

  • At what age did you start taking Drugs?
  • I started at the Age of 20.

  • What influenced you during that time, to continue taking drugs?
  • I was always very shy and not very confident of myself. When I consumed drugs, I found a new sense of confidence in myself, or so I believed.

  • Name me the types of drugs you used?
  • I used to smoke rock, buttons, weed… A ‘lil cocaine. I also sniffed cat and cocaine. Consumed ecstacy and magic mushrooms. I was addicted to sleeping pills and tried to overdose on painkillers and OCT’s.

  • Are You Still Taking any sort of drugs?
  • No! I’m not :-). Not even sleeping pills or pain killers:D.

  • Explain to the Readers, Your Job situation During the time when you were on Drugs?
  • When I started drugs, I was working as a consultant at a medical aid company. I was clean for 3 years of any drugs during which I became a team leader at which I started taking drugs again.

  • Did you lose your Job?
  • I resigned…relocated to Durban.

  • For How Long are you “Clean” from DRUGS?
  • Rock and buttons for 7 years…magic mushrooms and ecstacy for about 5 years…sleeping pills and painkillers for about 3 years. I gave up in stages, it’s a difficult process. After your Resignation, How did you get Money to feed your habit? I had stopped most of my drugs before resigning except weed. Weed’s not expensive…I found work…had lots of friends too.

  • Do You ever Regret taking drugs, why?
  • No, I am who I am now because of every experience. If I had not been through every experience, I would not have found Jesus. Jesus is now my “drug”. With this experience, I am able to assist current drug users.

  • Amazing…Did you Seek Help whilst you were on drugs? Did it help?
  • I gave up drugs by the grace of Jesus Christ…fasting and praying. No medication…no rehab. JUST GOD!.

  • How did you taking drugs, Affect your FAMIlY?
  • Drugs lie…they alter who you are and who you are designed to be. They become the centre of your life. Family, friends…God are all pushed to second best. Your responsibilities are not fulfilled.

  • How Did Taking Drugs Damage your life?
  • I wasn’t a good son, brother, father, friend or boyfriend. I used drugs as a solution but it was a short term solution. Short term solutions have the tendency to create longer term problems. But through the Grace of God I’ve being Healed and Saved. “I HAVE OVERCOMED MY DRUG ADDICTION”!

  • How did you finally STOP DRUGS?
  • I needed change. I spoke to God, told him, I wanted to be the man he saw in me. Woke up the next morning, fasted and prayed for a week…and that was it.I NEVER DID DRUGS AGAIN!!!

  • What was the Greatest thing you’ve lost, whilst you were on drugs?
  • MY BELIEF. I believed that I needed drugs to be awesome. The more drugs, I did…the more I believed I couldn’t survive without it. I belief I’ve been lost but when I stopped it, I realized I was awesome all along. I didn’t need drugs to enhance me. I had it in me all along!

  • Now that you are clean for so many years, How did you change your life for the better?
  • Jesus found me…:). It may seem like I gave up drugs like that but it was God. GOD SAVED ME. I just desired it and gave myself to Him. So therefore I gave my life to God. I volunteer at church. I’ve become a drug counselor. I teach youth and also look for every opportunity to spend time with a drug addict so he/she can know drugs lie and hopefully renew their belief that they can live without it. I’m healthy again…I play sports…lost weight, feel younger. I’ve found a new confidence and belief in myself. And I believe that God is using me. “There’s no greater feeling when you know you’re in God’s plans”!

  • What Advice do you have for teens out there that are CURRENTLY HOOKED ONTO DRUGS?
  • DRUGS LIE. Your body was not designed to consume drugs, neither do you need drugs to survive. Seek help from God, a friend or anybody who has the knowledge to help you stop. And once you stop, Pay it Forward. Help someone else stop drugs!

  • Lastly… What Advice do you have for Youth out there that wants to TRY drugs “JUST ONE TIME ONLY”?
  • There’s no such thing as one time. Drugs are highly addictive. Don’t be lied to…it’s not socially acceptable to try drugs. “Enjoy a Drug Free life, it’s the way to go”! Remember To SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!

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