“My Wife Drove Me To Do It”

Interview between 35 Year Old Ryan and Luvalan.

  • How many years have you being married for?
  • I am married for 5 years.

  • Are You Currently Cheating on Your Wife?
  • Yes I am.

  • Why are you Cheating?
  • I lost interest in my marriage. My Relationship with my wife was more or less on sided.

  • What Pushed you away the most from your wife?
  • Her lack of respect and understanding that a marriage is about compromise. It was her way or no way at all!

  • Are You in Love With The Person You Currently With?
  • Yes I am.

  • If You Had The Chance To Turn back The Hands Of Time And Fix Your Relationship With Your Wife, Will You?
  • No I wouldn’t. The way I am inlove now is a feeling that’s new to me. I wouldn’t want to erase that.

  • Do You Think Cheating on Your Wife is Wrong? Why?
  • No its not wrong. Its a lesson to everyone who takes their partner for granted.

  • If You State that You in Love With the person You cheating With, Why aren’t You Divorced as yet?
  • Well that is complicated due to family issues. When all is explained properly to them then the divorce will go ahead. Let’s just say it will be the 1st in the family.

  • Being married for quite some time, it clearly states that you fell in love with you wife! Do you think that the word “love” is being abused too much these days?
  • Yes it is. Love is not just a word. Its a feeling. Its the way you say it to someone you love.

  • Do You encourage Anyone to cheat?.
  • That depends. If someone is in my situation then I would encourage them to seek love but don’t go about it the way I did it. Get divorced then find love. Its much easier and there no complications!

  • Describe to me the situation your are in that made you seek for love again?
  • My wife became possessive and started demanding things her way. She put her family before me. Even when they was wrong she stood up for them. She made ME her last priority. She had no compassion or respect. I blame it on her up bringing because she has a mother who has morals worse than a brick!

  • While courting and before taking the bigger step of getting married. What should be the first step in the relationship, so that in the future, the love between the both doesn’t get lost thus preventing Affairs and cheating?
  • . My answer is going to make people laugh but its the truth. Spend time with your mother in law because that’s how your wife is going to turn out more or less. Watch her ways with you when her family is around. See if she sees the importance you have in her life and if she can see right for wrong.

  • Quite hilarious… What Advice do you give to people in your situation?
  • Get divorced and move on. Don’t live life in an unhappy marriage because it kills the person that you are and makes you a mould of what someone else wants you to be.

  • What’s your opinion of people that cheats on their spouses For the sake of it. In other words they like the status of “playboy” & “Playgirl”?
  • They deserve to get HIV.

  • Do you believe that LOVE IS SLOWLY BECOMING EXTINCT?
  • Yes it is. Its being replaced by Material things.

  • Lastly… Do You believe that you are cheating for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS?
  • Yes I am.

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    2 Comments Add yours

    1. Kim says:

      Well from my point of view if you we’re so inlove with the person whom you are currently cheating with then divorcing your wife wouldn’t be a huge issue as how you making it out to be and I don’t understand how the person you cheating with is okay with the situation your’ll are in cause since you say your’ll are so called “in-love” then how does she accepts you to go back to your wife everynight……to me it seems more of Lust then actually Love

    2. Pribz says:

      A good interview indeed, however I feel that if you have found love again after being married to your wife, you are being quite selfish, 1stly, to be seeing another woman during the day, yet still going home to your wife at night, whether or not you sleep in a different room. 2ndly, you are being selfish to the woman you are cheating with whom you claim to love. However she as a woman should think for herself as to what’s right and wrong, because now its not going to be looked at as “He is cheating for the right reasons”, your new beloved will be seen as a home-breaker, that’s not fair to her. But if you feel you’re doing it for the right reasons, then that too shall be justified by the man above. May not be now, but one day!

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