Interview between 17 Year Old *Claire and Luvalan Pillay. This interview maybe sensitive to certain readers.

  • Describe to me the series of events that took place that lead to you being raped?
  • It was a saturday around 9.30 when my cousin left to the bank. I was home alone with her father inlaw….when I walked 2 lock the door he was outside so I told him that I’m going 2 bath and that I’m locking the door. Then he said to me that before I bath he wants to talk to me so I said ok.He said to me that he passed the stages of making young girls pregnant and that I must experience sex before marriage.I asked him what he meant by that, then he started coming closer to me telling me that I’m a grown up girl so I just pushed him and ran straight in to the bathroom.When I was in the bath he started banging the door and saying that from the very 1st day he saw me he started having inner feelings 4 me so I said 2 him that he must leave me alone!. Then there was silence he came to the bathroom window, watching me bath ,when I turned myself I saw him. I pulled the curtain then I told him again to leave me alone so he said “fine, I give up” and he went away.When I came out of the bathroom he was no where to be seen so I went outside to dry my clothes. As I was walking back into the house, he was walking out of the room and he said to me that I must boil him 2 eggs.I did just that and went back into my room.When I closed my door 2 lock it the keys were not there so I walked into the lounge to go outside. The sliding door was locked and the keys were out as well so I couldn’t escape. So I walked back into my room and I closed the door. I plugged in the hair dryer to dry my hair. He then walked in and sat on the bed saying that I look sexy with my hair open and that I have nice big eyes. I told him that I understand if his drunk and he must please leave me alone because I need to study, so he left. After a while I switched off the hair dryer and plugged on the straightener. As I was straightening my hair he came back into the room telling me that I must thank God for bringing us closer. After he said those words,he pulled the straightner from my hand and he flung it on the floor. He then pushed me flat onto the bed.I was struggling to push him of but he was too strong for me.He started kissing me, then I eventually managed to push him trying to escape. I shouted for help but no one could hear because there was no one in the yard. He came and dragged me back into the room. He put me on the bed COVERED my face with my “dresstop”, I couldn’t see what he was doing. He pulled my “leggings” and underwear out. After a while I could feel somthing hard going in and out of me.I couldn’t breathe I was trying to push him. It all happend so fast!.After that the dogs started to bark he left quitely :-(. I was left hopeless and lifeless on the bed. All I saw was blood, I ran into the bathroom and I had bath. In shock I went back into my room, took my books and tried to study.I couldn’t concerntrate, it all felt like a terrible nightmare as if I was dreaming.When my cousin came home she asked me what got burnt I told her the eggs, he then said “I told her 2 boil eggs and she burnt it.”

  • Did he threaten you? What did he say?
  • When I was about to walk into the kitchen to tell my cousin, he said that “if You mention it to anyone, i will GET YOU KILLED”.

  • This Perpetrator is believed to have many Court cases against him for many serious acts. What made you trust him, that you went over to his home?
  • I’ve been going there for the past 3 years his AGAINST rape and a very “educated” man. “I took him as my DAD”!!! I didn’t know that he was capable of of such offenses.

  • So he hasn’t being accused for other offenses before?
  • He was doing it to my cousin which is his daughter inlaw but no one believed her.

  • Its believed that your case is still going on, why isn’t it coming to a close?
  • He wants a new lawyer ,infact I don’t have to go back to court my cousins have to go to testify.

  • What would you like to see happen to him?
  • I want him to pay for all the pain that he has caused me, he must rot in prision! Or maybe they should hang him I want the b@$t@rd DEAD!!!.My life has been shattered because of him( in tears).

  • What advice would you give to Young women out there who are faced with your ordeal?
  • I’ve been scared really scared. I even tried to “committ sucide” because I felt like my life has been ruined. All I did was prayed and asked God to heal me both emotionally and physically.So to all those who have been through the same, have FAITH and BELIEVE! Be strong, its going to torment you but if I could go through this trial I’m sure you can do the same. Never FEAR because by fearing you going to be tormented forever. “BE STRONG AND TALK ABOUT IT”!

  • Thank you very much *Claire for sharing this heartfelt story. May God keep you safe always and may you be blessed with many successes in your life.
  • *The Young Girls identity has being protected.Her name has being changed so that her case is not affected by any means..

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    1. Pribz says:

      This is the saddest thing I’ve read, I read so many stories on facebook etc, but I don’t know if half of them are true, but with this one, I felt the pain as I read it. May this beautiful girl always gain her strength from god. She is so strong and god will see her through whatever she faces.

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