“Suicide Was Always An Option, Until I Found A Purpose In Life”

20 year old Anneline Pillay Shares her story to help Teens who maybe be faced with the situation of “Suicide”.

  • How many times have you tried committing Suicide?
  • I Attempted Sucide more than “50” Times.

  • Why did you try to commit Suicide?
  • Through Personal Problems. I was Physically and Emotionally abused at that time. The thing that affected me the most was the way in which People Percieved me, It really brought down my Self-esteem.

  • Can You elaborate on the ways in which People Percieved you?
  • People use to tell me that I’m Fat, Black and Ugly and after hearing it from so many people, I started to believe it… I really felt WORTHLESS.

  • Did you try speaking to someone before you tried “Ending Your Life”?
  • I was never a person to EXPRESS what I felt… I preferred to keep things to myself. Ultimately I think that was my downfall… Bottling everything up!

  • Do you Think Counseling is a waste of time? Why?
  • Personally, I DO. They don’t undertsand. Only people who’ve been through it themselves can understand, not people who have heard the same story a Hundred Times!

  • Did Suicide affect your friends and Family?
  • Yes it did. I guess its because they didn’t understand why I was doing it. They didn’t know how to be “there” for me and what to do and above all no person who loves you would want to bear the thought and pain of loosing you.

  • Did you regret “Ending Your Life”?
  • NO!, I have no regrets… Had it not been for all of that I would have never been the person I am today. As the say “There’s nowhere left to fall when you reach the bottom”. Well Suicide has being my rock bottom and they only left was to go up!

  • Being a straight “A” Student, Failing a Grade, you’ve being to war and back. You fought up and completed your Matric. Did you EVER think that you WOULD complete your Schooling Career?
  • NOT AT ALL! I though that after all this I’d probably have brain damage. I thought that I wouldn’t be intelligent enough to finish school. God gives you second Chances but for me he gave me more than 1 and he can DO IT FOR YOU TOO!

  • When committing Suicide, Explain to me the Emotions that you face?
  • . You feel numb because you’ve been hurting so much, this couldn’t possibly hurt you anymore. Its almost a feeling of relief.

  • How can People out there help a person who is Suicidal?
  • TALKING helps a lot. You let the person know and see how much love and support they actually have. You assure them that there is Light at the End of the Tunnel and that no Problem is too BIG. Parents should always be “open” with their Kids.

  • Lastly, What Advice would you give to Teenagers who are faced with the option of “Ending their own Life”. Is this a Way out?
  • Talk About It!!! This is NOT a Way out! Your life is to precious and you have a meaningful Purpose here on Earth! Its so important to it off your chest. Many teens resort to that because they feel that they have no one to talk to. Remember ” There is Always Someone Out There To Help”. Thank You Anneline For those words of inspiration. Wishing you everything of the best in the near future and may you grow from strenght to strenght.

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