Lwando Mbelu- “The Crazest Newest Presenter”

Lights Camera, Action! Are some Fimiliar Words to 20 Year Old Lwando Mbelu. After concuring his audition Phase and making it all the way to the finals where he faced 6 other Contestants, it was sure to everyone that he Brought his “A” game when he mentioned “Its About to get Buck” Well its about to get Buck as Lwando answers some of the tough questions that will help you learn more about him.

  • Let’s start at the very beginning, when reflecting back on school days, was Drama, Presenting something that you’ve always wanted to do?
  • From a very young age I’ve always been extremely fascinated by the world of Media and Performing Arts however coming from Eastern Cape where a person is  granted less opportunities I was forced to also fall inlove with the world of Business and Accounting hence I’m also studying Bcom Accounting at UJ.

  • That’s Good. Can you take me back to your First Ever Audition.
  • Lol. My first ever audition was the most nerve wrecking yet exciting audition of my life. Thousands of people were present. I was number 27. Through the grace of God I made it to top 14. However it wasn’t my time and I wasn’t ready. So I didn’t make it.

  • Yoh I can only imagine because for my very first audition I was number 3564! Talk to me about your family, are you the first born, only child?
  • Sometimes when you Xhosa this becomes a complex question! Lol I have one half brother and one half sister from my Dad’s side. Grew up with many cousins surrounding me aswell.

  • That’s Great. I’m going to put you on the spot and I know many Girls are dieing to know this. Are you in a relationship? If you are, with whom?
  • Yes I am currently seeing someone… She’s a lovely person that’s all I’m saying. People might just see her on the screens soon.

  • Hmmm Sneaky Little Stuff! It will be Great having You Co Host with her on Craze… Hahaha just a wild Guess! At such a young age you have accomplished one of your wildest dreams. What made you enter the Craze Presenter Search 2014?
  • Hahahaha… She’s more into Acting and ofcourse School. Craz-e is an incredible platform to learn and grow in this industry. In terms of kids television they have the best presenters in the country. Some of the best presenters in the Country right now started off at craz-e.

  • That’s so true! Can you take me through all the emotion involved when you heard that you was the winner?
  • Wow! The news left me totally flabbergasted… From then I believed that one can achieve anything they put their minds to.

  • Awesome. Another Question that Craze Fans want to know is: Are you ready to fill in Zola’s Shoes?
  • Hahahaha. Mighty big shoes to fill! But I believe I was chosen for a reason. I promise to give the craz-e viewers a 100% of myself on every single show.

  • That’s great to hear. What are you gonna offer to the show that’s going to be unique from any other presenter?
  • The only thing that was missing is myself. My individuality! And I will give them exactly that. LOL. Like I said craz-e is the best kids programme in the country and has phenomenal presenters!

  • Awesome! Let’s Do a quick Quiz.
  • 1. Favourite Colour?
    2. Is crying a sign of weakness or strength?
    3. Favourite place to eat?
    4. Favourite Food?
    5. If I gave you an elephant, where would you hide it?
    6. What’s the difference between Living and existence?
    7. Your Favourite Childhood Toy?
    8. Do you watch Cartoons?
    9. Celebrity Crush?

  • 1- Black.
  • 2- Crying is a sign of rebirth. I see it as a strength. But then again it depends on a situation.
  • 3- home.
  • 4- pork.
    5- LOL” the zoo”.
    6 existing is simply being on earth not doing anything significance, just breathing. Living is doing things your way.
    7- Cars.
    8- sometimes.
    9- LOL celeb Crush. Candice Swanepoel.

  • Last Question. What is your advice to the younger generation today who wants to go into the field of presenting?
  • To the younger generation. You don’t dream and carry on dreaming you dream wake up and make it happen. Remember to be yourself at all times, because everyone else is taken…. Own your talent!
    Wow couldn’t of been said any better! Lwando You are definetly an inspiration to many. We Wish you every success in the future. Follow Lwando On Twitter: @IamLwando_M. Remember you can catch Lwando on Craze World Live Every Thursdays at 4pm on Etv.

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