Interview With Michaella Russell.

Exclusive interview with Michaella Russel Who Plays troubled Teen”Charlie Holmes” on SABC3’s Hit Soapie #Isidingo.

  • Take Me back to when you first realized Your Passion For Acting?
  • I was 8, I auditioned for Hagrid (if u can believe it) for our school play, I was up against 2 boys who were at least 2 heads taller Than me but my accent and energy was good enough to beat them, they had to build me a 6foot tall mesh and cloth costume to look the part But I did it, memorizing all the lines of Hagrids from the first Harry potter film…from then on i was hooked!

  • You currently studying towards your degree in Neuropsychology and Economics, Why not Drama and Performing Arts?
  • I never believed that a career in acting would be possible for me, I have always been artsy but I love medicine and the mind so I followed the path I thought I was best cut out for, it was foolish not to have realized that acting and psychology are closely linked and that a love for one would strengthen the other, I am just very fortunate to be exploring all of my talents, since I rediscovered my knack for acting I’ve been reviving past loves, such as my love for painting, drawing, dancing and writing :).

  • Amazing.Take me back to your audition for the role of “Charlie Holmes”.
  • It was my first audition, I had been signed with Legends 2 months before and at the time I was competing for Miss SA and studying full time through university, i had been modeling for two years prior to this for extra cash while studying and I had desperately wanted to get into acting but with not training if experience my chances were slim, until one day on a modeling job I met a girl who also acted, I begged her To help me to meet with her agent and from there I would do the convincing, a meeting was set up and I was signed…back to the Charlie Casting; I was seated with 4 other girls waiting to be seen, I felt as though this was the best casting of my life, only 5 other girls and a comfy couch to sit on, no waiting for 4 hours and competing against 300 other people, it felt great, finally I went in, I tripped and swore in the interview, I was sure I had blown my chances but 3 weeks later I got a call back, I went in and acted with an Indian guy who didn’t know the words I felt so sorry for him because I was sure he wouldn’t get the job…I finished and left with mixed emotions. Driving home my agent called and asked how it went, I said I didn’t really feel good about it then she started to laugh nd said I got it! Only after did I realize that the Indian guy I acted with was Ashish who played Prada and that he didn’t know the lines cause he was just helping with the audition, also I found out that they had been casting for months and that they had been seeing a handful of girls everyday for ages so I hadn’t just been competing against 5 other ladies, I felt like I’d won the lotto, it was only after this that I was told that I would be playing Charlie.

  • Fans of #Isidingo didn’t take the change lightly stating and I Quote “WeWantTheOldCharlieBack”. How does This Make You Feel?
  • I expected resistance from loyal fans, a beloved character had been tampered with, I knew people would be shocked, most of us don’t like change, I knew that I simply owed it to the character and the audience to continue to develop Charlie in order to do justice to the Role, I knew with time after hard work and determination I would win back the fans, I wasn’t trying to be old Charlie but rather new and a more developed Charlie…it was about growth from her younger self.

  • How has it been playing Charlie Holmes?
  • It’s been quite a journey playing this character, it has certainly tested me but in the best way possible I have grown as a person and as an Actress from this role, I learn every day new things, Charlie is an exciting character to play never boring with a richly developed past to draw on.

  • Any hints on future storylines?
  • Aaaah naughty naughty I’m not allowed to tell those secrets but I will say that Charlie starts 2 rebuild family ties and grows as a person and professional however its not smooth sailing for her just yet, there are things to come which will leave her heart-sore.

  • Who do you draw your inspiration From?
  • Many people professionally I look up to Meryl Streep and the youngsters like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone…they are all relentless when it comes to work ethic and pushing themselves, I also adore their down to Earth and Humble personalities, for me humbleness and hard Work equal success, emotionally my Grandmother and mother inspire me, strong woman with big hearts and fierce spirits…they inspire me to be more.

  • Talk to me about your family?
  • I’ve got a crazy family, I love them to bits, my mom was an air hostess and a model and my dad was a jet pilot until he crashed and broke His back now he is a property developer, my uncle who stays on the plot with us is a brilliant Jazz guitarist with a massive hydroponic Garden (where I get all my Greg veg) my gran recently passed she was a massive supporter of the acting, a very strong and kind woman, I also have a younger sister, she is in matric and has a killer voice…together with the humans on our plot we have 7 chickens, a peacock 5 chow-chows, 14 cats and a baby pig…its a mad house but with 15 acres there is enough space for everyone.

  • Who’s Your Favourite #Isidingo Actor/Actress?
  • Favorite actress/actor? Thats a tough one cause I respect them all but I’d have to say Eddie or Yvette they have both been huge supports to me And they are both very talented actors who work hard and have thus inspired me.

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Green has been my favorite colour since a small child. It is the colour of living things and the true colour of my eyes… Its a vital and powerful colour.

  • If I gave you an elephant where will you hide it?
  • If I had an Elephant I wouldn’t want to hide it, I adore elephants and giraffes I would be delighted to have one but I would probably put him on my families plot, no doubt he would fit right in with all the other crazy creatures that stay there!

  • Is Crying a sign of weakness or strength?
  • Strength.

  • Acting or Modeling?
  • Acting no doubt, I’m too short to be a model and I far prefer the rush i get from an intense scene to walking up and down a cat-walk.

  • Celeb Crush?
  • Celeb crush don’t really have one but if I was a guy I would fall head over heels for Angelina Jolie, there is something powerful yet Soft and Feminine about her at the same time, A woman I truly admire not only for her acting abilities but for her humanitarian work as well.

  • Are There Any Love Interests?
  • Any love interests ha ha, I have a boyfriend, my longtime partner (on-again-off-again) of 7 years, also my best friend.

  • Lastly, your message to Aspiring Actors out there?
  • The best advice I could give anyone in any industry is to never become complacent and to remain humble, as long as one works hard and Is gracious about their achievements they will succeed in one or another way, also I highly value honesty, don’t compromise your integrity just to get ahead.

    THANKS YOU MICHAELLA! I am humbled by this interview that will inspire Many! Catch Michaella Weekdays on #Isidingo.You Can Also Follow Her on Twitter :@MichaellaRuss

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