Epic Moments On Our Weekend Away!

On Saturday it was all wakey wakey and off to do a photo shoot. I’m sure this photo shoot was planned in advance by my aunt. So we all got dressed and we headed off to the beach to begin the photo shoot. These were the type of shoots we originally suppose to take:

  • Family Picture on the grass.
  • Mum, Dad & Son Stroll on the sand.
  • 3 Kidz walking and looking at the waves.
  • Hubby and wife relaxing on the beach.
  • Family Fun Picture.
  • Body down and face up picture.
  • This was indeed a very special time as many memorable pictures were taken. It was fun time again that afternoon when we decided it times to take a swim in the Pool.

  • The water was absolutely “ice” but I was dared by my aunt to dive in to the water. Like a “great gun” I splashed into the water only to realize that I was cold veeerryy cold!.
  • One of the most epic memory that happened at the pool was:

  • My Aunt after about 30 Minutes decided it was her turn to enter the water.
  • On entering she was amazed at how cold the water was but it didn’t stop from going hmmm about 2 inches into the water. She motivated herself as she took about a quarter inch into the water every +- 5 minutes.
  • It was time for her to swim and she made the most progress from us all.
  • Stroking her hands in the thin air and echoing the words “I’m swimming” she only dreamed that she made it to the deep end.
  • One thing for sure was she made it atleast 4inches into the water and that was the end of the swimming.
  • That Evening we engaged in more activities at the resort.

  • We played pool were I lost to a 2 Piece in the first game and then improved to a “No piece” in the second and oh boy oh boy was my uncle excited.
  • Talian couldn’t accept defeat from me beating I’m in the soccer table that he almost gave up.
  • The Most EPIC incident that occurred in the game room was when baby Tian was versing his mum in the soccer table.
  • Have you ever heard of a hand ball in playing the soccer table??? Well for Tian when his mum touched the ball it was immediate that he responded by saying “Hand Ball” and he was demanding a Penalty! Hilarious has it might sound Baby Tian whipped his mother simply because of the countless Penalties!
  • It was then braai time:

  • Tian was eagerly awaiting to eat Spare Ribs that he even asked me to cut them up and give it to him before it was even braai’d. Once it was done poor Tian ate up all his Ribs and was in bed.
  • Sunday Morning; it was adventure time. We decided to take a drive to Oribi Gorge to do some hiking. It was a long drive and when we got there, things became confusing:

  • We entered Oribi Gorge and drove and drove looking for the reception to pay so that we can start our hike.
  • After a while we decided to park off and ask another family that was there about where we needed to pay, to our surprise they were just as baffled as we were.
  • Tired of looking for the reception we decided that we will start the hike. The Hike was named “Hoope Falls”.
  • It was suppose to be a 7km hike but to our surprise it was more than that, way more!
  • We Walked for an hour when we met someone to ask them, how far are we from the water falls? He replied by saying “You are just halfway away from the water falls”.
  • All excited we decided to carry on, we walked and walked and walked and walked as we all motivated each other to keep going!
  • We walked a further 1 hour until we met a family and they told us that “We are just half way to the water falls and the trail gets even tougher”.
  • HALFWAY MORE!!!! Seriously, Yoh it was indeed not a 7km hike at all.
  • That’s when we decided that we had enough and it was going to get darker and we had to walk all the back to the car, luckily enough that family we just passed filled a bottle of water for us.
  • So, another 1h45 Minutes to walk back. This was going to be fun!
  • In order for us to keep strong and move along I decided to play us some music. This music never got us walking back to the car but rather jive and sing away back to the car.
  • The one song that stood out the most was sung by baby Tian “Pills and Potions, Your Legs Needs Lotion, I’m Angry But Its Still Cracking” LoL
  • So not only did we sing and jive our way back to the car, we also laughed away at the song that it actually made it easier.
  • It was time to leave ๐Ÿ˜ฆ on Sunday Morning.

  • We woke up early, got ready and packed to leave.
  • With Sad faces we said Goodbye To Club Hacienda Resort and we headed home.
  • On our way home the kids decided its time to sing and we drove home to the melody of “Old Mac Donald”
  • It Was Definitely An Amazing Time Spent With Amazing People.

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