Weekend Away With The Singh Family.

I was so excited when my aunt told me that I will be joining her and her family on a vacation away to the South Coast- Club Hacienda. I didn’t know what to expect because this was the first time away to a chalets. So we got packed and off we were to a beautiful first resort chalets. •We Arrived at the chalets around 3pm on Friday Afternoon and checked into a Beautiful House. •That Afternoon we ate some awesome food, chilled and watched movies. •On Saturday Morning we planned to have a full day of activities and that included swimming at the pool and beach, playing pool, soccer table as well as Mini Golf. Then in the evening we were served mouth watering braai meat, chicken, sausages and ribs. It was indeed an awesome day. •On Sunday we woke up early got ready and decided to have an “Out & About Day. We went to the Shelly Centre Mall and had a delicious Breakfast, we then headed to Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve where we decided to hike a 7km Trail Called the Hoope Falls. It was quite a tiring hike which took as about 3 hours to go and come. Our aim was to reach the water falls but due to the lack of water and the setting of the sun we decided that we could not carry on. This was really an eye opener because we worked together, we motivated each other to keep going and we helped each other get across the difficult parts of the trail. Along the way we made friends with some people who were also doing the same hike. Tired and Drained we decided that on our way back we will stop at the South Coast Mall and “cool off”. We were treated to tasty Ice-cream. •We headed back home to shower, relax, watch movies, pack and get ready to leave the following day. It will definitely be a weekend that I will hold dear to my heart. A very big THANK YOU to my Aunt and Uncle for taking me on board to their family vacation or should I say our family vacation cause I feel more bonded with them now.

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