Katlego Sibeko

Upon Arrival In 2011 Katlego Sibeko Played By the beautiful and intelligent Kgomotso Christopher, viewers learned that she was a tough women who got whatever she needed. She was married to the CEO of the Sibeko Gold Company “Jefferson Sibeko”. As the months went by we also figured out that she wasn’t that loving, caring and compassionate person she came across as rather her “true colours” decided to come out quite clearly as she revealed herself of only the Status, Money & Power. In 2012 Viewers came to know that she could not conceive children due to an abortion she had before she arrived on the Deep With her husbands Brother – Lincoln Sibeko, which was reveled to us late 2013. Due to her infidelity in desperation “Kat” decided to seek for a surrogate mother to bear her child. Through Major twist and turns unfortunately the baby passed on at birth. This is when we saw Katlego unleash herself and fight to win the case over the surrogate mother in order to get back at her for “Killing” her child. In the end Kat got her taste of her own medicine. To move along Kat owned her own Jewelry line at SG and that’s when her little affair started to progress. Due to her husbands lack of commitment in bed Kat turned to the young Calvin Xavier to get some of her needs satisfied and things turned ugly when Jefferson found out about it. Thinking that her “affair” will end Kat and Calvin Never Stopped there. Late 2013 Katlego faced a horrific unfold of events when she faced Emotional and Physical Abuse from her husband. Broken Kat thereafter became more strong and decided to file for a divorce as she found “Love” in a “Hopeless Place”. In Mid 2014 we discovered that Kat Lost her husband in a plane crush, desperate as ever she tried to hide the divorce papers from the Sibeko family and acted along the way mourning her husbands death. During the Funeral of Jefferson, A “Devil” returned to haunt Katelgo but she wasn’t afraid. With the cat in the bag we soon learned that Katlego was to inherit 50 Million Dollars if she stuck to the clauses in the will. Struck by lighting Jefferson’s Mistress “Amuhle” arrived with horrific news that she is pregnant with his child. Now Kat needs to find away of getting rid of the child so that she can get her money and move on with her life. Currently she sent are “Toy-Boy” Calvin to fetch her more “Muti” as she is planning to end Amu’s Pregnancy. Will Katlego have the will to do such a terrible, cunning and cruel act??? Watch #Isidingo Tonight at 7pm as the mystery unfolds.

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    Yay! So glad to see your blog up.

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