2009 December 7th – Sherona Jainath Singh

So I thought if sharing this poem cause it touched me. The pain written in these words describes almost the similar experience I had when I lost my brother. If you’ve lost someone dear to your heart you will easily relate to this.

2009 December 7th

I walk into the room
With special paper shoes
Everyone has to wear them
Because we are entering the I.C.U

I run by your side
As you lie on the bed
With tears in her eyes
Mum repeats what the doc has said

“We need to make you excited,
We need to motivate,
We need to make you strong,
Because that decides his fate”

If your monitor shows over 15
You were trying to breathe yourself
When I spoke ,it picked up to 18
But when I stopped, it dropped to 12

When you come home
We were going to throw you a party
We’ll all be waiting for you
Especially mummy

After a few days
We got a call to come early
Dad had passed away!
I was raged with fury

Why did you make us wait so long
If you weren’t coming back
I maybe very angry
But at the same time very sad

I miss those nights of outings
Or those drives in the Sun
No matter what we did
We still had so much of fun

But i still wonder
How could you drift away
You were on life support
You were suppose to stay

Those tubes in you
Why didn’t they help
I’m numb with pain
Now I know how you felt

You couldn’t talk, you couldn’t eat
You couldn’t even open your eyes
But you held my hand
And you held it tight

I’ll remember the date
2009 December 7th
That’s the day you left us
And went to heaven.